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04.02 Car SW292 was registered in Kirkcudbrightshire pre-1932. 2-storey building between Gait House and Masonic.

04.03 Low building between the Gait House and the Masonic Arms. Large trees by Cally Estate wall.

04.04 Gaslight outside Cally Estate Offices.

04.05 Car facing is SF9624. Porch at Murray Arms doorway.

04.06 Telegraph poles on right.

04.07 Porch with trellis (A E Payne proprietor). Looks like only 4 windows in gable end wall.

04.08 Porch removed from Murray Arms. Large trees removed from near Cally Estate wall.


04.10 Horatio Granville Murray Stewart coat of arms above side door entrance. 5 windows in gabel end wall.

04.11 Murray Arms Garden

04.12 Car reg. WSC696 on right.


04.14 Old Gait House being used as coffee shop (this photo + the one above).

04.15 Car YS6767 registered Glasgow probably before 1932. Murray Arms has foliage above porch and only 4 windows in the gable end. No window in gable end of Gait House.

04.16  Gaithouse gable end has a window. 2-storey building between Gaithouse & Masonic has door & window.

04.17 As above but colour-washed. Car is ESW522.


04.18 Same vehicles as above but closer. Man walking past Murray Arms side door.


04.20 Card by K Stark, (jeweller 8-10 High St.); Large porch at Roseville; 4 doors to Cally Office.

04.21  Card by W & J Sinclair. No porch at Roseville. Looks like there could be at least 4 doors into Neilson Square.

04.22 Looks like there is one door on each half of Neilson Square.

04.23 Ann Street looks like a car park.

04.24 Extension on left of Rosebank.

04.25 Rosebank was the original name of the big house at the top of Ann Street. It is now called Cheritonwood.




04.30 Possibly only 1 door into Cally Office. Car VHH635 registered Huddersfield 1969/70.

04.31 Joiner's trailer outside The Bay Horse.

04.32 The Bay Horse is now an antiques shop.