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01. Not sure of the occasion and why so many people are on the bridge.

02. From Fleet Bridge looking up Brewery Brae.

02.1 From Fleet Bridge looking up Brewery Brae.

04. Taken from the Anwoth Hotel gardens. The white building was originally a tannery. In this picture it was Campbell's Garage. Nowadays it houses the Spar shop in the lower floor and Galloway Lodge in the upper floor.


06. The garden in the foreground is owned by the Episcopal Church, but it is rented by the Anwoth Hotel / Ship Inn.

07. The road sign is no longer there. It says Gatehouse Station 6 miles.

08. Taken from the Fleet Bridge looking NW. No roof on the mill building nearest the river, and no ivy on the gable end wall.


11.  Mill site is very overgrown. Mill building gable end is covered with ivy.

12. This is not a postcard, but it was in one of Mrs Murray Usher's Christmas cards. At the far left is the gable end of what is now the Mill on the Fleet. The wood store must mean that at this time the mills were used to make bobbins.

13. The Mill on the Fleet - renovated in 1991.

14. A liitle further up river from the mill is the youth hostel (early 1950s) - now Bleachfield, at the west end of Birtwhistle Street. 

15. The Rutherford Hall and the Fleet Bridge from the NW. The lower Birtwhistle mill is on the left.

16. Fleet Bridge from the south. Note the footpath leading to the west of the bridge and the long grass in the field on the right, plus trees and bushes along the side of the road opposite the Rutherford Hall.

17. This is the Bridge Pool with the Rutherford Hall in the background.

18. Fleet Bridge from the south. Note the pipe fixed to the side of the bridge. It looks like there might be a tidy hedge along the roadside opposite the Rutherford Hall.

19. This photo shows more clearly the sewage pipe that was attached to the beridge in 1912.

20. The field on the right was known as Campbell's Field, where "Banty" Campbell (father of Bill & Alan) kept chickens.

21. Note the growth (probably virginia creeper) to half way up the Rutherford Hall tower.

22. The River Fleet is still tidal at this point and the rocks are covered.

23. The bridge has now been widened to include a footpath on either side (added in 1965).

24. Taken from the bridge looking south towards Bridge Pool and Boatgreen (the original harbour).

25. On the right is Bridge House, formerly the Crown & Thistle Inn.