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Laurieston Road

01. Looking from Gatehouse Hill over Laurieston Road. The house is Barwhill. No tennis court or golf course.

02. The Barlay properties on Laurieston Road : Barlay Mill, Miln of Barlay, Barlay Cottage.

03. Barlay Mill and Miln of Barlay.


Views from Gatehouse Golf Course

04. Looking towards Cairnsmore of Fleet.


06. The conical hill on the right is Castramont Hill.

07. The property at the centre of this picture is the old Girthon Parish School.


The Water Works

08. Waterworks Bridge, also known as Loch Lea Bridge.

09. From Waterworks Road

10. From Waterworks Road

Fleuchlarg Farm House


12.  Fleuchlarg Glen (Barlay Burn)                                                        13. The Cleuch

14. Carstramon House

15. from a painting by Alastair Dallas.

16. New Rusko Bridge over the River Fleet (sometime called Castramont Bridge)

17. Nether Rusko


Rusko Castle (or Tower)




22. View near Gatehouse Station

23. Upper Rusko Cottage

24. Aikeyhill & Culreoch from station road.


25.1   We are not sure where this is on the Cally Estate. Any suggestions ?




The Old Carlisle to Portpatrick Railway

The following railway pictures are from photographs, not postcards.

28. Loch Skerrow station.

29. Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

30. Gatehouse of Fleet Station. (sometime called Dromore station)

31. Gatehouse of Fleet Station.

32. Gatehouse of Fleet Station.

33. Gatehouse of Fleet signal box.

34. On the Chain Road to Creetown

35. Creetown station.

For railway enthusiats we now provide links to u-tube videos of trains travellng in SW Scotland. Remember to use your back button from the remote website so that you come back here.

This video shows the route as seen by the engine driver as he progresses from Dumfries to Kirkcudbright. Double-click the picture to get full screen video.

This video runs between Castle Douglas and StranraerDouble-click the picture to get full screen video.

This video runs from Dumfries to Stranraer, via Gatehouse and is speeded up without commentary to take just 5 minutes. 

This last video, courtesy of the National Library of Scotand,  lasts nearly 27 mins but follows a steam train on its journey from Dumfries to Portpatrick on the so-called "Port Line". Double click on the picture to make it full screen, then click the arrow in the middle to play the video, 


36. Loch Skerrow.

37. Loch Whinyeon.

38. Loch Whinyeon.

39. Ornockenoch Loch.

40. River Fleet - Barbara Pool (south of Rusko Bridge)

41. River Fleet.

42. River Fleet.