Page last updated on: Wednesday, 14 April, 2021.

08.01  The hotel that for much of the 20th century was called Anwoth Hotel, started life as the Ship Inn. Now in the 21st century it has resorted to its original name. This postcard was published by McMurray Brothers, one of whom probably took the photograph.


08.07  The canopy on the right is in the same building as the Anwoth Hotel, but it actually housed a butchers shop. The shop next to the butchers is Dunnings the grocers - who published this card. The garage sign probably refers to customer garaging off Dromore Road. No.8 Fleet Street (on the left) was used as a tea room for cyclists.


08.04  The name Anwoth Hotel is written in a different script, and has 'Old Ship Inn' below it. The large shed building immediately to the right of the Anwoth Hotel may be for customer garaging.

08.05  The model of the ship at the corner of Fleet Street is probably contemporary with the 'Old Ship Inn' signage around the corner, as could be the ship lights at the front door. The butcher's shop is now integrated with the hotel.

08.06  This photograph was taken before the Fleet Street wall of the Anwoth Hotel was painted.

08.08  This photo does not show the "Anwoth" board above the entrance canopy.

The Anwoth Hotel is now renamed to be "The Ship Inn", it's original name.