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02.01 Single-storey houses in Woodside Terrace. Toll-house has square wall + single upstairs dormer window visible.

02.02 This seems to have been taken at a similar time to PC no.1

02.03 Back Neilson mill pond. Single-storey houses in Woodside Terrace. 

02.04 As above but colour-washed.

02.05 Toll-house has one rounded wall + rear house now has a dormer window on the left.

02.06 Single-storey houses in Woodside Terrace. 2 rounded walls at toll-house + 3 upstairs dormer windows.

02.07 As above but with a different colour-wash. (used 1915)

02.08 Town Hall & Bobbin Mill roofs visible.

02.09 Still single-storey houses in Woodside Terrace. Tenement Back Neilson at far left.

02.10 Ardmor & Lochlyoch near left.

02.11 No War Memorial so still before 1921.


02.13 War Memorial erected in 1921.

02.14 War Memorial easier to see.

02.15 As above but colour-washed.

02.16 Crosbie's Garage (built mid-1930s). Hopedene & Bengray now 2-storey buildings.

02.17 New Bowling Green visible

02.18. Riverbank houses completed (c.1949). Back Meilson is derelict & roofless.

02.19 As above but colour-washed.

02.20 Mill headpond very overgrown. Chicken sheds where Back Neilson used to be.

02.21 Riverbank being developed.  Vinniehill & Planetree houses built (early 1950s).

02.22 Mill headpond still overgrown. PC supplied by JG Parkhill who become postmaster in 1952.


02.24 PC supplied by JG Parkhill who become postmaster in 1952.




02.30 Near right is Braeside. Left central are Rosebank & Cally Sawmill.

02.31 Right of centre is Whitefield (originally Annfield)