Page last updated on: Tuesday, 13 April, 2021.

05.01 Ardmore, Hill Cottage (now Lochlyoch) & Braeside are the only houses off "The Cut". A path existed on far side of pond.

05.02 Path now getting overgrown.

05.03  No War Memorial (so pre-1921). Back Neilson in the centre. 

05.05 This appears to be one of a series of 3 postcards of the War Memorial that were taken on the same day. There is a man just visible sitting on the bench next to the railings at the far right of this picture.

05.04  Maybe the same man can now be seen on the bench which is now further from the memorial.

05.06  The man is now walking up The Cut and the bench is next to the railings.

05.07 The wreaths suggest that this may have been taken on Remembrance Sunday 1921.

05.08  Hopedene is 1st house on R - now 2-storey.

05.10  Note the petrol pump outside the Old Posting Stables. Hopedene & Bengray (1st 2 houses on R) are now 2-storey.

05.09 White building far left is Crosbie's Garage (built 1930s).


05.12  The lowest building at L has since been demolished to leave an entrance to the Murray Arms Gardens.

05.14 The entrance porch is situated at the current building entrance. Note the "industrial" door at far L.

05.15  There is now a phone box by the Murray Arms porch. The "Industrial" door far L now replaced with 2 doors + a window.

05.16 Shop sign far R now says "D&M Co-Op". Sign on Murray Arms says "Main Entrance Round Corner".


05.18 Note shop sign far R says "Grocery". This was probably Hendersons. Behind clock tower is "Teas" sign for Nicol's Tower Tea Room which was acquired in 1938.

05.20 Gates at L have replaced low building. Tall chimney removed. Gatehouse coat of arms. 
Sign at 2-4 High St. says "Walls".


05.22& Phone box removed. Foliage around porch cut back - maybe to allow building to be painted - see dormer window.

05.24 Next to the gates is now a large window which replaces a door. Flat-roofed extension now has window blocked. RAC sign.

05.25 Giftie Gie Us" sign near RAC sign.

05.26 Taken from hill behind Woodside Terrace.

05.26a  This is The Murray Arms Posting Stables, just behind the Posting Stables in Woodside Terrace.

Gift shop now clearly in extension at L.  A-board says "Tea rooms left at clock", i.e. Old Gait House. AA & RAC signs.

Flat roof extension enlarged. To L of this extension is the Public Bar.

05.29 Flat roof extended again. New entrance to Public Bar. New RAC & AA signs showing '***'. Conservatory added on 1st floor.


05.34 Base of Clock Tower seems to have been re-touched.