Page last updated on: Tuesday, 8 March, 2016.

01. The "Bank Corner" was a favourite meeting place. 2 doors down is "GOWANS of Castle Douglas".  2 doors further is a "Tea Room" (at the back of the dairy).

02. The War Memorial was erected in 1921. Crosbie's Garage was built in the mid 1930s.


04. There is still a petrol pump outside McMurray Bros. shop (3 shops down on the R).

05. Maisie Shaw is crossing the road. Note horizontal TV aerials.

06. as above but in colour.

07. Shop at 4 High Street has sign "JS & R Carson" above enlarged window. Bank has its modern frontage.

08. Horatio Square shop is now "Giftie Gie Us".

09. Robert Jardine drapers is near L.

10. Near R is "David Cochrane butcher". Tall window in next building has horizontal iron bars. There is a water pump on L.

11. Shop sign at corner of Digby Street says "Slimmon".

12. Note the barber's pole on R.


14. Nearest shop signs on R say "Coffee Shop" and "... Bobbin...". Corner of Digby St. is a cafe. There is a pedestrian crossing. Disturbances on Gatehouse Hill where gas pipeline was buried.

15. "Thirtyfour Salon". 


17. Lamps at Town Hall, and lamp-post next door.

18. Water pump at R. Drainage ditch at roadside. No War Memorial so before 1921.

19. Near R is "K Shoes" - Trainers, 58 High Street. War Memorial so after 1921.

20. "D & M" Co-op (Dumfries & Maxwellton) - carpet shop. The Post Office. Library has steps 'at front'.


22. "Red Steps" near L. Angel Hotel Public Bar entrance near R.

23. as above but B&W.

24. Campbell's petrol pump near L.

25. No porch at main entrance of Angel Hotel.

26. Brewery Brae.

28. Brewery Brae, Rutherford Hall & Laurelbank on L.