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Booklets about Gatehouse

A number of publications have been issued which tell various parts of the story of the development of Gatehouse. Some of these are listed in our document  "Gatehouse Bibliography". For a small place there have been a lot of publications and part-publications telling the story of Gatehouse. Many of the dates and other facts have been "handed down" without any formal record, so do be aware that some records may differ slightly from one source to another.

This web page does not attempt to re-tell the complete story of Gatehouse, but we have come across a number of older newspapers and pamphlets which contain stories which we think are worth repeating. So this page contains a numbers of separate elements all of which refer to the development of Gatehouse.

Having said the above, there is a helpful booklet about the history of Gatehouse, called "The Gatehouse Experiment" by Philip Mann. This was first published in 1985 and we have made an electronic copy which we include here hoping that we are not breaching copyright. The Gatehouse Experiment.

About 20 years earlier a publication called Industrial Archaelology included an article by John Butt about the Industrial Archaeology of Gatehouse-of-Fleet. We have again transcribed the relevant part of the publication, hoping that we are not in breach of any copyright laws.

Gatehouse & District Timeline

We start with an approximate timeline which shows "Significant dates in the Development of Gatehouse and District".


Gatehouse - early to mid 19th Century

Next is an account of early Gatehouse history that was wriiten by James Affleck and published in the Galloway News on 16th September 1921 under the general heading of "Galloway One Hundred Years Ago : Burgh of Gatehouse".