Page last updated on: Wednesday, 5 May, 2021.
Schools & Education

Click here to download an account of how education developed in the Gatehouse area.

Here is a list of the schools that we know have existed at one time or another.



Here is a link to information about some of the teachers from Anwoth & Girthon    TEACHERS

Our website has lots of school class photos, many with names. Click on this link.     SCHOOL CLASS PHOTOS


 Churches & Religion

To the left is a link to a file about the Rutherford Hall.

Here is a map showing the location of various religious buildings around Gatehouse.
Here is a brief account of the churches around Gatehouse.
Here is a link to the programme for the final service at Anwoth Church

Here is a link to our section about Girthon & Anwoth ministers     MINISTERS

Here is a link to the Gatehouse-of-Fleet website which has contact details for
Gatehouse Churches Together     CHURCHES  TOGETHER