Page last updated on: Saturday, 1 May, 2021.
Laurieston Road16.01  Looking from Gatehouse Hill over Laurieston Road. The house is Barwhill. No tennis court or golf course.

16.01  Laurieston Road from The Cut.  The house is Barwhill.

16.02  Barlay Mill and the Faed properties.


16.04  The 'Cape Road' is in the middle of this photo.





16.09  Is this the old 2nd green ? In the background is the old 8th green (now the 2nd).

16.10  Is this the old 2nd green before the dyke was removed ?

16.11  Is this taken from near the 5th tee, looking back over the 4th fairway. Taken in winter when the grass has not been cut.

 16.13  Fleuchlarg Farm ?