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Before "The Cut" was opened in 1823, the main entrance into Gatehouse from the east and south came past Cushat Wood and down into what is now called Ann Street through the grounds of Rosebank (before the house was built - now called Cheriton Wood). The original toll-house or "Gait House", where fees were paid to cross The River Fleet, is now part of The Murray Arms adjacent to The Masonic Arms. The road into Gatehouse was simply referred to as the "Old Military Road", until The Cut was opened. At this time the name Ann Street came into use and probably came from Lady Ann Murray, wife of Alexander Murray of Cally.

Check the general layout of this route using this Link to original OS map of Gatehouse, published 1854.


Select a property in Ann Street from the list below.
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     No.1      No. 3
     No.5 - Maryville      No. 7
     No.9 - The Bay Horse        Cally Estate Office
     Cox's Lodge      Rosebank
     Saw Mill House      Lotus Cottage
     Neilson Square      Roseville                             Rattrays of Roseville
     Masonic Arms      Murray Arms


            Link to Google Maps Street View at Ann Street