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The Cut

In 1845 Gatehouse grocer Thomas Campbell built the first house on The Cut overlooking the town. This house was known as Hill Cottage.
In 1850 James McKean, who had been a successful builder in Manchester built the neighbouring house Braeside. His sister Jane was the wife of neighbour Thomas Campbell. Later owners of Braeside included Thomas Rouet (Rowatt), who was married to James McKean’s daughter and Thomas Barty, whose wife was Thomas Rouet’s daughter. In the early 1850s the Campbell family moved to Little Boreland but kept on Hill Cottage until it was sold to Margaret McCutcheon from Minnigaff. Hill Cottage was let for many years till it passed to Elizabeth McCutcheon in 1896. She enlarged the house and moved there with her son and daughter in law in 1906 when the house was renamed Lochlyoch after a farm of the same name by Tinto hill, Lanarkshire.
It was in 1867 that the artist John Faed RSA feued a plot to the north of Hill Cottage and built a house called Ardmore. He spent the summer months at Ardmore and the winter in London before settling permanently in Gatehouse about 1880. Following his wife Jane’s death in 1897, John was joined by his sister Susan who remained at Ardmor till her death in 1909.
A new house Annfield, later Whitefield was built to the south of Braeside in 1936 and a further house Hillfoot was built in the garden of Ardmore in the early 1970s .

Hillfoot, Ardmore & Lochlyoch

Here is what we know about each of the 5 properties which are built on "The Cut"