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Garden Street

This photo of the Gatehouse school complex was taken in 1962. We may decide to move it to a different location on our website.
Thanks to Leo McClymont for finding this from among his archives.

We do not yet have individual house details for Garden Street, but here are a few older photographs.

The 3 bandsmen are standing in Garden Street. On the left is the school playground wall. The white house on the right no longer exists - it was no.2 Garden Street which was occupied by Mrs Annie Wales. Beyond the white house is Fleetbank, Bobby Carson's house.

This is Drumaber, 6 Garden Street in the 1940s.

This photo is taken from the west end of Garden Street. The 2-storey building in the left foreground is what was no.21 Garden Street. This is now demolished and the Heath Centre now occupies the site.


This is no.21 Garden Street, called Northview, whose  last  occupants were Fred Heron and family in the 1950s.