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Postcard aerial views of Ardwall House.

2 more postcard photos of Ardwall House

1-8B-02a :  Ardwall House           (photographed by William McMurray)

2-07 : Ardwall House. Foliage has grown but maybe this photo was taken in the winter (fewer leaves).

People at Ardwall

The photograph below is of a group of people on and around the steps into Ardwall House. The occasion was the coming of age of the future laird Walter Jameson McCulloch in 1927. Below this is a numbered photograph which is used to identify most of the people present. The limitation on file sizes means that the definition is somewhat restricted. We will work on an alternative presentation.


The next 2 photos are of the staff at Ardwall.

(N.B. The young boy, Robert Crockett was born in 1906 and Isabella Graham died on 1st Dec 1910, so it is likely that these pictures were taken in 1910 but before December).

Photo 1-7-06 : 1. Robert Graham (gamekeeper)   2. John Carson (gardener)   3. ? (housemaid)   4. Thomas Jarron (butler)   5. ? (table maid)   6. Alexander Murray (coachman)   7. Alexander Kennedy (coachman)   8. James Crockett (gardener)   9. Elizabeth Marshall (housemaid)   10. Mrs Aitken (cook)   11. Isabella Graham (gamekeeper's wife)   12. Robert Crockett (gardener's son)   13. Jane Kennedy (coachman's wife)


Photo 5-14 : 1. Robert Graham   2. Alex Kennedy   3. Elizabeth Marshall   4. Mrs Aitken   5. Thomas Jarron   6. Isabella Graham   7. James Crockett   8. Jane Kennedy   9. Alexander Murray   10. ??   11. Robert Crockett   12. John Carson   13. ??

                                                                       1-8B-04 : Robert Graham, gamekeeper at Ardwall (ex DS)

2-102a : Grandchildren of Christian McCulloch (Lady Ardwall) on the steps at Ardwall c.1926.          Back row : Colin & Walter McCulloch.              In front (L to R) : Andrew Jameson, Andrew McCulloch, Alexa (Bunty) Jameson, Geoffrey Bourne-May, David McCulloch and Mary Cowan (nee Jameson).         [info. ex   Andrew McCulloch]

                             3-09 : Probably at Ardwall. Jane Kennedy is holding the dog, Alex Kennedy is holding the dark horse.                                         Christian McCulloch (Lady Ardwall) is standing over a borzoi dog.


The Next 3 Photos are of the Lodge at Ardwall

3-24 : Alexander & Jane Kennedy (Alex. was the coachman at Ardwall)

3-95 :

4-99 :