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Rusko House

McMurray Photos - Rusko

1-9-16a : Rusko House

1-9-17a : Rusko House

2-04 : Rusko House

    1-1-07 : These pictures were taken at Rusko House.     Soon after Horatio G. Murray Stewart, laird of Cally, died in 1904, his widow, Ann E. Murray Stewart moved from Cally to Rusko House, where she lived until she died in 1919. Mrs Stewart had 2 nephews who were brothers, Frederick & Reginald Pinney. The gentleman in these pictures is Frederick Pinney.


                                                 2-17 :                                     Frederick Pinney                                     4-23 :


                                                  4-98 :                                                                 4-36 : Is this Fred Pinney with his son George ?

2-53 : Rusko Lodge   (ex DS)

5-74 : Rusko Lodge

5-19 : This is a gathering of schoolchidren at Rusko. Mrs Murray Stewart may be in one of the carriages. The gentleman with the dark moustache standing behing the carriages is Robert S Glover.