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In 1891 a document was published called “Sailing Directions for the West Coast of England”.  South west Scotland is clearly not part of the English coastline, but the Solway estuary has been included. This transcription covers Wigton Bay.

In 1843 a document was produced which listed the pilotage charges, plus harbour and dock dues etc. for the British Isles. this short clip refers to Gatehouse.

In January 1883 the schooner Emma Laura went aground at Carrick Point. Here are 2 newspaper clips which report on this.

Clip 1          Clip 2

In 1866 the sloop Elizabeth sank near Isle-Mouth of Knockbrex. The Mary and Mary of Dumfries both ran aground on the same day. Here is a short clip which refers to all 3 vessels. It is taken from the 50-years ago part of the 1916 newspaper.