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Roads & Road Users

The photos below were all taken in the early part of the 20th century by postman William McMurray.
If you recognise any of the subjects, please email us. Below each picture is a filename and our email ID is on our Home page.

1-3-08a : At the junction of Laurieston Road and the "Roon the Watter" road at Fleuchlarg ('The Sinnerins').

1-3-08b : 

                      1-3-02a : Gilbert McMurray & wife Agnes Little in front, Mary McMurray & Barbara Anderson (family friend)                                                                                                              at the rear.  (ex MEMC & FMF)

1-7-08a : 

1-7-09a : Reg.Plate 'GD-10'.   Driver is William Crosbie jnr.

1-12-02a : SW 321 15/20 Studebaker Landaulette, torpedo body, registered to James McMurray     (ex DS)

           1-12-03a : SW137 25.3 HP Darracq Landaulette, registered in the name of James McMurray  9/10/1910     (ex DS)                                                                               Mr & Mrs George McMurray on their honeymoon (ex MEMC)         

       2-01a : SW 95 3.5 HP Humber registered to McMurray Brothers, Gatehouse, 17/7/1912, transferred to Donald R Hannay 11/5/1914 and SW 87 2.75 HP twin Humber registered to McMurray Brothers 12/4/1912 , transferred to John McMurray, Catherine                                         Street 17/9/1912, transferred to James Allison, Castle Douglas 1915     (ex DS)                                                                                                                       twins George & John (Jack) McMurray  (ex MEMC)

2-93a : SW 95             Jack McMurray (ex MEMC)

3-34a : 

3-153a : 

                         4-37 : Outside the old stable block at Cardoness.  (ex MH)   Insert shows the stables as they are today.                             In the 1911 census Andrew Hunter (age 38) was a coachman who lived with his family at Cardoness Stables. In 1911 Andrew had a 9 year-old son James. Could the two people in this picture be Andrew Hunter and his son James ?

5-37a : 

5-77a :     Jack & George McMurray with their tandem  (ex MEMC)