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1-3-08a : At the junction of Laurieston Road and the "Roon the Watter" road at Fleuchlarg ('The Sinnerins').

1-3-08b : 

                      1-3-02a : Gilbert McMurray & wife Agnes Little in front, Mary McMurray & Barbara Anderson (family friend)                                                                                                              at the rear.  (ex MEMC & FMF)

1-7-08a : 

1-7-09a : Reg.Plate 'GD-10'.   Driver is William Crosbie jnr.

1-12-02a : SW 321 15/20 Studebaker Landaulette, torpedo body, registered to James McMurray     (ex DS)

           1-12-03a : SW137 25.3 HP Darracq Landaulette, registered in the name of James McMurray  9/10/1910     (ex DS)                                                                               Mr & Mrs George McMurray on their honeymoon (ex MEMC)         

       2-01a : SW 95 3.5 HP Humber registered to McMurray Brothers, Gatehouse, 17/7/1912, transferred to Donald R Hannay 11/5/1914 and SW 87 2.75 HP twin Humber registered to McMurray Brothers 12/4/1912 , transferred to John McMurray, Catherine                                         Street 17/9/1912, transferred to James Allison, Castle Douglas 1915     (ex DS)                                                                                                                       twins George & John (Jack) McMurray  (ex MEMC)

2-93a : SW 95             Jack McMurray (ex MEMC)

3-43a : 

3-153a : 

                         4-37 : Outside the old stable block at Cardoness.  (ex MH)   Insert shows the stables as they are today.                             In the 1911 census Andrew Hunter (age 38) was a coachman who lived with his family at Cardoness Stables. In 1911 Andrew had a 9 year-old son James. Could the two people in this picture be Andrew Hunter and his son James ?

5-37a : 

5-77a :     Jack & George McMurray with their tandem  (ex MEMC)