Page last updated on: Thursday, 22 March, 2018.

Also referred to as "The Port Line"

For railway enthusiats we now provide links to u-tube videos of trains travellng in SW Scotland. Remember to use your back button from the remote website so that you come back here.

This video shows the route as seen by the engine driver as he progresses from Dumfries to Kirkcudbright. Double-click the picture to get full screen video.

This video runs between Castle Douglas and StranraerDouble-click the picture to get full screen video.

This video runs from Dumfries to Stranraer, via Gatehouse and is speeded up without commentary to take just 5 minutes. 

This last video, courtesy of the National Library of Scotand,  lasts nearly 27 mins but follows a steam train on its journey from Stranraer to Dumfries on the so-called "Port Line". It was called the Port Line because it initially led to Portpatrick, from where the Irish Ferries left. Before long the ferries changed to leave from Stranraer.  Double click on the picture to make it full screen, then click the arrow in the middle to play the video, 

28. Loch Skerrow station.

29. Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

30. Gatehouse of Fleet Station. (sometime called Dromore station)

31. Gatehouse of Fleet Station.

32. Gatehouse of Fleet Station.

33. Gatehouse of Fleet signal box.

34. On the Chain Road to Creetown

35. Creetown station.