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The following is a transcript of an article that appeared in the Galloway News of 10th August 1923.

Gatehouse New Tennis Court - Opening Ceremony

An important addition to the attractions of Gatehouse has been made in the completion of the new tennis court, which is situated at a convenient distance from the town on the Gatehouse and Lochenbreck Road, and only a short distance from the golf course. The court has a very pleasing prospect. Green pastures on every side give a fine setting, while the sound of running waters near at hand makes the softest of music to the listening ear. Barchuil rises with fine effect in the forefront, and the sloping woods of Gatehouse Hill present a charming scenic effect as a background.

The opening ceremony was performed on Saturday evening by the Rev. R B McGlashan. After congratulating the ladies on their enterprise and courage in facing the project and so successfully carrying it out, Mr McGlashan said they should be grateful to them for adding another attraction to the place. Amongst other points mentioned, he said that the ladies had only £1 7s 2d to start with. They organised a whist drive which brought in £10 17s. Next they held a sale, the proceeds amounting to £22 13s 6d making a total fund to carry out their object of £34 17s 8d. For various purposes they yet required the sum of £13 2s 5d. It was a venture and he congratulated them on the courage displayed, which had resulted in the completion of the court, which would add to the young life of Gatehouse, and to visitors who enjoyed a game of tennis. In passing, he said it should not be forgotten that Provost Laurie promoted the game in its early stages, and now it had been carried another stage forward by the ladies. He wished every success and prosperity to the court, and appealed for every help and support for the Club.

Mr Palmer said he had been asked to express the thanks of the meeting to Mr McGlashan for his presence, and for the very happy words of his opening address, for his kind wishes, and for the encouragement given to the club to go on and prosper. He could assure Mr McGlashan that his services were highly appreciated. He was a gentleman who was ever ready and ever willing to put his shoulder to the wheel and support any project for the benefit of Gatehouse and district.

The lasies' committee responsible for the undertaking comprised Miss Haggarty, Miss Stark, Miss Bain, Miss Purdie, with Miss Nora Henderson as secretary of the club.

A tournament was afterwards played. In the final Miss Gordon and Mr Alex Payne defeated Miss Henderson and Mr Waugh 6-3. The prizes were presented by Mrs McGlashan.

It is interesting to note that the above article refers to a "new" tennis court. Clearly it was a new site, but was there a previous court in Gatehouse ?    Also the reference to "ladies" having organised the new court, whilst the tournament seems to have involved mixed pairs.

Siblings Effie, Archie and Hamish (with bow & arrow) MacInnes with young Tommy Turnbull.


1988 New surface to the tennis court and new net.
Jill Girgan carried out the official 'tape-cutting' in her role as Miss Gatehouse.