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Hunting (with hounds)

Mrs Murray Usher used to have her own Christmas cards made. Many of these contain engravings by Hookway Cowles of old photographs from EMUs collection. The above picture is taken from one such card. We do not know which year it was used but we have reproduced a series of her cards in section "Who Did What" - "Mrs Murray Usher, landowner". This is from card "Xmas 07". 

This is a photograph that was put on Facebook by Sam Kelly, who received it from Felicity Gelder. It was clearly taken at the same time as the one above, but is slightly different.

This photo was taken by William McMurray. The man on the white horse in the middle is Albert Douce. We believe the lady on the light grey horse at the right is Alexandra Murray Baillie and that the young girl on the small pony is her daughter Betty Murray Baillie, whilst Betty's father Frederick is to her left as seen in the photo.




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In the Murray Arms courtyard.

Outside the Murray Arms

Gathering at Carstramon