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Elizabeth Murray Usher - Laird of Cally

Elizabeth Evelyn Baillie was born in London on 5th February 1903, the only child of Major Frederick David Murray Baillie.

She was an indirect descendant of James Murray of Cally and Broughton,who had acquired and built the Cally Estate and was the principal driver behind the planned construction of Gatehouse of Fleet.

Elizabeth married Lieutenant Neil John William Heriot Usher on 14th December 1929 and they divorced on 7th June 1937.

She died in 1990 aged 87.

She was the major landowner in the Gatehouse area as well as being a farmer and hotelier.

Here is a brief account of EMUs story.

Here is a copy of the programme for the Presentation in 1973 to Mrs Murray Usher of the Freedom of the Burgh of Gatehouse of Fleet.

Here is what seems to be a radio interview in which Mrs Murray Usher talks about her life and role as superior of Gatehouse. We were given this on an old audio tape cassette, and we hope that we are not infringing any copyright by including it here. The whole interview last for nearly 27 minutes. We may try to split it into smaller sections.

EMU Xmas Cards

One of the endearing memories for many was her policy of sending Xmas cards to "worthies" of Gatehouse and district. Below are a selection of these. Maybe it was a conscious decision on her part but it appears that very few of these cards were dated. If anyone has information which can allow us to date some of the following, or allow us to copy any cards that we do not have, we would be most grateful.

We have 28 cards at the moment. Betty died in 1990 so maybe the last card was sent in 1989. This meant that she started sending cards no later than 1962. Does anyone know the first year that she sent cards, or even if she sent cards before 1962 ?

Was there a date when she changed from "Mrs Murray Usher" to "Betty Murray Usher" ?

Murray Arms Hotel The Toll Houses Gatehouse Halfpenny
Xmas 1962 (23) Xmas 1977 (17) Xmas 1978 (15) Xmas 1979 (24)
Xmas 1982 Xmas 1983 Xmas 1984 (16) Xmas 1985 (14)
Xmas 1986-8 (12) Xmas 1986-8 (13) Xmas 1986-8 (18)
Xmas 01 Xmas 02 Xmas 03 Xmas 04
Xmas 05 Xmas 06 Xmas 07 Xmas 08
Xmas 09 Xmas 10 Xmas 11 Xmas 19
Xmas 20 Xmas 21 Xmas 22 Xmas 23

Various people have helped with suggested years ,for which we are very grateful.
Particular thanks go to Penny Turnbull from Australia who supplied the 1983 card.
and to Lis Hunter from New Zealand who provided the 1982 card and card Xmas 23 (unknown date).