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The currently existing Sandgreen Holiday Park may never have been developed if the proposal highlighted below had been carried out.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Mrs Murray-Usher has for some years had under consideration the construction of a FIRST-CLASS GOLF COURSE AT SANDGREEN.

At present while there are 18-hole Courses at Maxwelltown, Stranraer, and Portpatrick, and a number of 9-hole Courses it cannot be said that in Galloway there is a really first-class Course sufficiently modern and attractive to bring Golfers to the Province. The remarkable accuracy of the American Competitors in the Walker Cup and Champion­ship Matches, which has been attributed largely to the greater difficulty of the American Courses, shows the need of more modern courses being provided in this country.

The benefit to the South of Scotland in having a modern seaside course constructed on the Soiway need scarcely be enlarged upon. While affording an opportunity for healthful recreation it would be a definite asset in bringing Visitors and Sportsmen to the District. The scenery at Sandgreen with its outlook towards the Isles of Fleet on one side and the Galloway Hills the other is of unrivalled beauty.

The ground has been examined by Mr James Braid, Major C. K. Hutchison, and others, and their reports have been uniformly extremely favourable. A plan of a first-class 18-hole course on the most modern lines has been prepared by an enthusiastic friend whose capabilities no one will doubt after examining the proposed lay-out and the preliminary specification, both of which accompany this letter.

Mrs Murray-Usher is prepared to grant a Long Lease of the land required on favourable terms and also to provide a substantial amount of the Capital needed for the construction of the course, the provision of a Club House, &c., and the necessary machinery for upkeep. As the ground is very favourable and lends itself readily for the purpose it is considered that a sum of approximately £5000 would be sufficient for these purposes, and whilst Mrs Murray-Usher is willing to assist and support the venture in every way she feels that for a scheme of such general advantage she may well invite the support of those in the South of Scotland who may be interested.

It is proposed that a private Club should be formed, with an initiation fee of £25, and an annual subscription of £3 3/- or such other amount as may be determined by the Members, but it is hoped that those who are specially interested in the scheme, and who will particularly benefit, will contribute substantially larger amounts.

Generally, it is intended to provide a first-class course which will at all times and in every hole provide golf of the most modern type, and of the highest interest to the most advanced player, whilst offering no extreme difficulty and being equally pleasureable to the ordinary golfer and to the beginner. It is felt that membership of the Club should be limited to about 400 active members so that players may experience no inconvenience by long waiting.

Your co-operation in the scheme is invited and a form is enclosed on which I shall be grateful if you will please state whether you are willing to give your support and send it to me not later than 7th July. Owing to the fact that all the land on which it is proposed to make the Course is now under grass (a circumstance which will not occur again for some years) the present is the most propitious moment for commencing construction. When promises of adequate assistance have been received a Meeting of Subscribers will be called, without delay, to constitute a Club and make immediate arrangements for carrying out the Scheme.

                               I am,
                                                                  Yours faithfully,
                                                                        Patrick Gifford

Royal Bank Offices,
                   June, 1934.