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Burns Club

All photos by Mike BannisterAe Fond Kiss - David Hannay & Jean Picken, James Finlay looks interested.

Betty Keeble takes over presidency from James Finlay.

A little distraction when pouring my whisky !
Arthur Holmes, Chris & Jack Henderson being served by ___________

The Burns Tableau at The Mill on the Fleet, 1993.

Inauguration of H Dawson Trophy
___ ____, Jane McGivern,  --- ---, & ___ ___

James Finlay addresses the meeting - as does his reflection !

Jim Milligan has a go at the [mini-]haggis. His wife Jane looks on.

Meg with Tam on board clears The Brig

Nigel Hesketh as Holy Willie

Robin ----- addresses the haggis

Burns Society 'Top Table' - Tony Gilbey as chairman.