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Gatehouse Burns Club

John Russell (in his Decamillenial history of Gatehouse) says that Burns Dinners were held annually in the Masonic Hall (now upstairs in the Masonic Arms) from the end of World War 1. 

Here is a copy of a slightly worn programme for a Burns Annniversary Dinner which took place in 1939. It is likely therefore that the 1st Burns dinner was held in Gatehouse in 1919 and that the 20th anniversary was in 1939. Russell also tells us that this was when the Gatehouse of Fleet Burns Club was formed and that attendance at the dinner cost 1/6d which included membership of the newly-formed club.

Here is a copy of the programme for the 50th Burns Supper in 2003. If the 1st supper was in 1919 and the 50th in 2003 it is clear that it was not always an annual event. We'll need to find out why.

All photos by Mike BannisterAe Fond Kiss - David Hannay & Jean Picken, James Finlay looks interested.

Betty Keeble takes over presidency from James Finlay.

A little distraction when pouring my whisky !
Arthur Holmes, Chris & Jack Henderson being served by Norman Baker.

The Burns Tableau at The Mill on the Fleet, 1993.

Inauguration of the Harry Dawson Trophy
George McKerrow, Jane McGivern,  Wilson Ogilvie (World Burns Federation President), & David Campbell

James Finlay addresses the meeting - as does his reflection !

Jim Milligan has a go at the [mini-]haggis. His wife Jane looks on.

Meg with Tam on board clears The Brig

Nigel Hesketh as Holy Willie

Robin Austin addresses the haggis

Burns Society 'Top Table' - Tony Gilbey as chairman.