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Our web-page "Girthon Parish Transcriptions" contains details of all burials and gravestone transcriptions of which we are aware. If, having looked at that searchable text page you find a gravestone that you would like to see, then come to this page and search for the relevant grave reference, then open the relevant .pdf file. Note that the surname associated with each lair is often that of the grave owner, which in some cases differs from the name(s) on the headstone.

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Over the years since this graveyard was first opened, the Parish Church has kept records of who owns which plot, or lair, and who has already been interred there. The Dumfries and Galloway Regional Council now have responsibility for maintaining these records which are comprehensive but not complete due either to damage or misplacement.
It appears that each "plot" of ground has been sold as a "lair". This entitles the owner to bury 2 coffins - one at a depth of 6 feet, and the other at 4'6", leaving a soil covering layer of about 3 feet. In modern times this covering layer can be used for burial of caskets that result from cremation.
In the early days lairs were usually sold in blocks of 3, but shortage of space has resulted in fewer lairs being purchased as multiples. As a result of the above there could be lairs that have not been filled to capacity.

When we first photographed and transcribed these gravestones in 2007 we made our own plan of the graveyard and used our own numbering system. In 2016 we acquired the lair records and we have now adopted the same numbering system. People may have already downloaded records from our website using our old numbering, so the transcription text file refers to both sets of numbers.

An overview of Girthon Graveyard from Memory Lane.

These 2 views are from the entrance gateway.

Graves are numbered starting with those adjacent to the perimeter wall; these are referred to as section A. The inner area is divided into 3 sections B, C & D. Areas between sections B & C were originally used for access, but as the graveyard filled these areas were used and referred to as section E. The new extension to the NE has a separate but adjoining walled area.

Here is the Graveyard Plan  [there are 2 pages]. There are 5 sections in the older graveyard area, lettered A to E.

  A1  McNeil      A3  Coyle  A4  Coyle

  A8 McQuarrie   A9  McKie  A10  Proudlock  A12 McMinn

  A21  Charters      A24  Macaulay  A25  McKelvie

  A24  Macaulay A25  McKelvie A27  Cairns  A31  MacDonell  A32  Henderson

  A36 Archer A39 Bennett A41 Ewart A43 Aitken A44 Bryan
  A46 Stewart A47 McWhan A48 Johnstone A49 Gilchrist A50 Belford
  A51 Harper A52 Wallace A53 Moodie A54 Cox A55 Stewart
  A56 Dott A57 Caig A58 Girgan A59 McKinna A62 Benson
  A63 Colvin A64 McNeil A65 Caven    

  A67 Ferguson A68a & A68b McMurray A69 Brown  A70 Gibson  A71 Cairns

  A71 Cairns A73 McConchie A74 McCallum  A75a & A75b Fergusson  A76 Glencorse

   A75a & A75b Fergusson A76 Glencorse A77 Hay A80 Potter  

  A81 Milligan A82 Manson A83 Fergusson A84 Dalrymple A85 Bertram A86 Cumming

  A87 Bennett A88  McTier A94 Wilson A98 Downie A102 McGeorge A104 Fergusson

  A105 Fergusson A108 Munro A109 Hughes A110 Edgar A111 Edgar A112 Carter  


Check the graveyard plan, and note that section B occupies the SE one third of the infield area. These photos follow increasing lair numbers from NE to SW.     Lairs B1 to B77 are particularly sparsely represented by gravestones.

  B2 Keelan B4 Hannay B8 Carter B9 Kelly B11 Harper
  B12 Logan B13 Kerr B14 Stevenson B15 Lockhart B16 McGill
  B17 Henderson

  B25  Cairney B27  Clark B29  Preston  B32  Leach

The first 4 rows of lairs all face the NE wall, (i.e. lairs B1 to B36). The above photo attempts to show that rows 4 & 5 are back-to-back, as are rows 6 & 7 and rows 8 & 9. This completes the first half of section B.
The 5th row (lairs B37 to B45) is back-to-back with the 4th row (lairs B28 to B36), and there is only 1 gravestone in this row  = B45 Maxwell.

The 6th row (B46 to B54), contains 2 stones and faces NE, whilst row 7 (B55 to B62) is back-to-back with row 6 and faces SW. There are no gravestones in row 7.                                 B49  Maginnis                              B51  Dick

Row 8 (lairs B63 to B70)  B64  Harper B66  Davidson B67 McLachlan

Row 9 (lairs 71 to 77).     Rows EC & ED are part of Section E, which is a later addition and follows Section D on this web page.

  B77  McAdam  B74  Gilmour

At the end of row 10 (lairs B78 to B84) is part of the old access area E.  In this area lairs EB1 to EB3 are in line with row 10 but face the opposite direction (SE), whilst lairs EC1 to EC5 are back-to-back with ED-- to ED--.

  B79  Nelson B81 Campbell B82  Hall B83  Henry B88  Biggam
  B89  Walker B90 Hyslop B91  Lockhart B96  Clark B97  Mitchell
  B98  McLeod        

Note : In the above photograph, lairs B111 to B119 are in a line back-to-back with lairs B102 to B110.

  B102 Patterson B106  Fisher B109  Cairns B110  Barron B112 McClymont
  B113 Raphael B114  Hume  B115  McMillan B116  Renwick B117 Breckenridge
  B119 Straiton        

Note : In the above photograph, lairs B139 to B147 are in a line back-to-back with lairs B129 to B138.

B120  Patterson B121  Davies B123  McKinna B124 Smith B125 Brown
B126  Wyllie B126a Faed B127  McMichael B128  Glover B129  Murray
B130  McDairmont B131  Farmer B132  Vinnie B136  McKean B137  Straiton
B138  McGaw B139  McKinna B141  Patterson B142  Phillips B143  Duncan
B144  Whan B145  Glencorse B146  McLachlan    


Check the Graveyard Plan, and note that section C occupies the central one third of the infield area. These photos follow increasing lair numbers from SW to NE.

  C1 Birrell C6 Nimmo  C7 Pickthall  C9 Dalrymple   
  C11 Muir  C13 Johnston C14 Anderson C15  C18 McGill

  C20 Cairns C25 Jamieson C26 Turner C27 Downie  
  C29 Laurie C31 Rattray C33 Neil C34 Roy C35 Carson

  C37 Walker C39 Eskdale C40 Wilson C41 Stanhop C42 McCandlish
  C43 Bailiff C44 Harper C45 Carson    

  C52 McLachlan C53 Nish C54 Coates    
  C55 Tait C58 Skimming C59 Dempster C60 Nelson C61 Houston
  C62 McIlwraith        

  C63 Henry C64 McGaw C66 Kinna C68 Dalrymple C69 McCutcheon

The next row of gravestones is row ED which forms the major part of area E. Graves in area E are more modern and are sited on ground that had previously been used for access by maintenance machinery. 

  C70 McKean C71 Campbell C72 Hume C73 Affleck C74 Henderson
  C75 Milligan        

  C77 Foster C78 Carson C79 Fergusson C80 Blythe C81 McCutcheon
  C82 Hannah C84 Wylie   C85 Jack  

Lairs C86 to C93

  C86 Stirling C88 McCredie C89 Wilson C90 Lidderdale C91 Spencer
  C92 Campbell C93 Dalziell      

  C96 McIlwraith C97 Stark C99 Belford C100 Corson C101 Henry
  C102 Corson        

  C103 Telfer C104 Helme C105 Tomlinson C106 Dalrymple C107 Stewart
  C108 Chesney C110 Petrie C111 Macadam    

  C112 Murphie C113 Hughan C114 Irving C115 Bendall C116 Mitchinson
  C117 Orr C118 Wood C119 McTaggart C120 Morton

  C121 Sinclair C122 Dalrymple C123 Hyslop C124 Jardine C125 Stewart
  C126 McCourty C127 Poulton C128 McMichael C129 Carey  


Check the Graveyard Plan to see how rows are arranged in this section.

  D001 Shaw D004 Harper D005 Culloch D008 Dargue D009 Oswald
  D010 Christie D011 Nelson D012 Makepeace D013 Graham D014 Graham
  D015 Tunstall D016 Douglas D018 Harper D019 McHaffie  

  D021 McMurray D021a Fergusson D022 Lifford D023 Smith D024 Bennett
  D025 Dalrymple D026 McGarva D026a McGarva D027 Bertram D028 McCrone
  D029 McGeachie D030 McMurray      

  D032 Hunter D034 Gillespie D035 Laurie D036 Walker D037 Sharp
  D038 Birkett D041 Marshall D042 Bailey / Trowell D043 Dickinson D044 Mowat

  D048 Kirk D049 Shaw D053 Davidson D055 Henry D056 Crosbie
  D058 Tinman D059 Gammack      

  D060 McKie D061 Houston D063 Craig D064 Fergusson D065 Patterson
  D066 Walker D067 Baillie D068 Kirkwood D070 Farmer D071 Tait
  D074 Nichol        

  D076 Crow D078 Craig D082 Gilmour D087 Glover D089 McClymont
  D095 Park D098 Hay      

  D104 Heron D109 Shedden D113 Johnstone D115 Taylor D118 Vaughan
  D120 Milligan  D123 Montgomery D126 Gemmell  D129 Urquart D131 Cochrane

  D132 Miller D134 Henderson D137 Whan D142 Lenzini D144 Grieve
  D146 Girvan D149 Preston D151 Geddes D153 Clark D156 McMillan

  D160 Macadam D165 McCutcheon D167 McCutcheon D169 McConnel D172 Straiton
  D174 Veitch D177 Kane D179 Riddick D181 McLeod D184 Nichol

  D190 Dalrymple D192 McGeoch D195 Hannah D198 Landers D200 Campbell
  D201 Campbell D204 Miller D207 Maxwell D209 Cain D212 Holmes
  D213 Holmes D215 Corrie      

  D220 Matthews D225 Thomson D228 Foulds D231 McGuffog D237 Walker
  D240 Hunter D244 Hughan D248 Marcellino    

  D251 Hogg D253 Hannah D255 Davidson D258 Walker D261 Adams
  D264 Davidson D267 Johnstone D269 Riddick D272 Hay D275 McMinn

  D278 Smith D280 Sinclair D282 Baird D284 Lillie D286 Craig
  D289 McMurray D291 Cameron D293 McClymont D295 Cox D297 McCleary
  D300 Frullani D302 Bull D303 Hesketh D305 Patterson  

  D307 McMurray D308 McMurray D310 Patterson D312 Roddie D314 Murray
  D316 McKie D318 Grieve / McLeod D320 McGaw D322 Dickinson D324 Cameron
  D326 Veitch D328 Gilmour D329 Hope D331 Smith D332 Johnstone
  D333 Sloan D334 McLean      

  D335 Veitch D336 Hannah D338 Patterson D339 Papple D341 Cumming
  D342 Maxwell D343 Wilson D344 Graham D347 McIlwraith D348 McGaw
  D349 Christie D351 Connell D352 Chalmers D353 Halliday D354 Leitch
  D356 Armstrong D358 Shaw D359 Davidson D360 Johnston  

  D362 Taylor D364 Yates D365 Sharpe D366 Tait D367 Kean
  D368 Gordon D370 Davidson D371 Mellon D373 Wallace D34 McKinna
  D376 McMurray D378 Montgomery D380 McMinn D382 Gillespie D384 Nichol
  D385a Bowman D386 McKinna      

  D389 McKenna D390 McCormick D391 Muir D392 Johnstone D393 Manson
  D394 Carruthers D395 Wilson D396 Wilson D397 Stewart D398 McClymont
  D399 Davidson D400 Lindsay D401 McClymont D402 Gilchrist D403 McCulloch
  D404 Fitzpatrick D405 Hughes D406 McClune D407 McCartney D410 Budgett
  D412 Trainer D413 Balmer      


Check the Graveyard Plan to see how this section is made up of infill areas between sections B and C.



Row ED runs down the middle of sections B & C.   Lairs ED53 to ED25 are within the area occupied by section B, whilst ED24 to ED1 are within section C.     There is no gravestone for lair ED53, but the following shows Row ED within the area of section B.

  ED01 Patterson ED02 Patterson ED03 Marshall ED05 Hunter ED07 Kyle
  ED09 Gilchrist ED11 Veitch ED14 Davidson ED15 McLellan ED16 Telfer
  ED19 Abbott ED20 Nelson ED21 Murphy ED22 Gallacher ED23 Gallacher
  ED24 Brown ED25 Carson ED29 Shaw ED30 Cox ED31  Patterson
  ED32  Girgan ED33  Shedden ED34 Keenan ED35  Davidson ED36 Finlay
  ED37 Kirkpatrick ED38 McClymont ED39 McMillan ED40  Anderson ED41 Gemmell
  ED42  White ED43 Neil ED45  Johnstone ED46 Faithful ED47  Goudie
  ED48  Hay ED49  Patterson ED50-51  Barrass ED52  Farmer  

Lairs ED24 to ED1.

There are 2 short rows of lairs on either side of the middle of Row ED. This was probably part of a turning area for access vehicles. These 4 short rows straddle the gap between sections B & C, and encroach slightly into these sections.

EE05 Ferguson EE06 McKechnie EE07




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