Page last updated on: Saturday, 24 March, 2018.

McMurray Photos - Photographer at Work

When photographers take portrait pictures they have to consider "props". In this sequence of photographs we can see how firstly a plain off-white wall is used, then a sheet tied to posts or drainpipes. Then William McMurray uses a large-scale printed drape which provides the backdrop to a number of portraits. Detailed head-and-shoulders pictures of all subjects are included to assist with identification. If you can recognise any of the subjects, please email us. Each picture has a numeric filename and our email ID is on our Home page.

                                                   3-86a :                                                                            2-138a : Jessie, dau. of James McMurray                                                                                                                                                                        (eldest of McMurray brothers)   (ex MEMC)

    3-103a : James & Margaret Macadam at 51 High St. (ex SP)                                3-110a : Gilbert McMurray  (ex MEMC)

                                                 3-73a :                                                                                                       3-19a :

                             3-134a : Margaret Jane Anderson                                                    3-146a :  James McMurray                                                                 (mother of Wm. etc.)     (ex MEMC)                                   nephew of McMurray bros. killed in WW1   (ex MEMC)