Page last updated on: Wednesday, 5 May, 2021.
Community Centre
The building which currently houses the Gatehouse Community Centre first existed as Gatehouse School, plans for which were agreed in 1925, with building completion in 1927.

When the current Gatehouse Primary School was opened in 1979 the old school building was offered for the nominal sum of £10 to the people of Gatehouse to be used as a Community Centre. The building had been valued at £40,000, so the Regional Council included a penalty clause in case the Community Centre was closed within 10 years of its inauguration. The building now belongs to the people of Gatehouse.

Community Centre in early 2010 in a run-down state.

Community Centre in late 2010.
Renovations included air-to-air heating system, solar panels, new windows, internal and external painting, re-fitting the toilet rooms as a result of previous burst water pipes, insulation of the roof space, new curtains and many other modifications.

Room usage since the refurbishment in 2010
Room 5 = Snooker Room 1 = Community Church      Both rooms have annual rental agreements.
Room 4 = Lounge Room 3 = Meeting Room The Meeting Room, Main Hall and Lounge are bookable on an hourly basis.

Room usage when the building was a primary school during the 1950s and 1960s
Maths & Science = Room 5 English, History & German = Room 4 Primary 3 = Room 1
Primary 4 = left side of main hall Primary 1/2 = right side of main hall Geography, French & Music = Room 3
boys cloakroom = kitchen boys entrance = between room 5 & kitchen
girls cloakroom = store 1 + room 2 (single room) girls entrance = current main entrance
headmaster's room = ladies toilet gents staff room = gents toilet
ladies staff room = room 6 staff entrance = end of hall 4
boiler = disabled toilet girls playground = north of the building boys playground = most of the car park
Primaries 5, 6 & 7 were located in prefabricated units which were broadly-speaking where the health centre car park is.
Cookery, Sewing & Woodwork rooms were housed in the old Fleetside School (roughly where the current school car park is).
Physical Training (now called PE) took place in the old Refectory which was located where Schoolhouse is on Dromore Road.