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General Photos 1980s


Unveiling of a plaque at Barlay Mill in commemoration of the Faed family.   Second left is Simon Faed. Far right is Willie Mackay, provost & blacksmith.



Back Row (standing) : 3rd from L is Howard Forsyth. Far right is Nigel Hesketh.
Front row (seated) : 2nd from L is Bride Forsyth. Far right is Fiona Hesketh.

Standing : 7th from L (in blue) is Mary Grant (nee Leslie). Far right is Marjorie Harper.
Kneeling : 2nd from L is Marleen McCulloch.


Jack Henderson : Cally Estate Long Service Award
Jack Henderson, Mrs Murray Usher, Peter Murray Usher, James Murray Usher



WRVS at Dromore Viaduct over the Big Water of Fleet.

Left side : 2nd from front is May Gallacher,   Mrs & Mr Newall from Sandgreen.
Right side : front is Pat Carmichael, back is Jim Campbell or Henderson.

Can anybody date the above Xmas party. ?