Page last updated on: Monday, 22 February, 2021.

Projects We've Been Working On

We already have a web page which lists changes to our site.

This new page refers to larger projects that we've been working on before they are moved to the part of the site where they will be kept.

Cally House Timetable / Horatio Granville Murray Stewart coat of arms



The above is a banner from a broadly A4-sized wall-hanging which was a daily timetable for residents at the Cally when it was still a private house.

We are working on three projects that are related to this, and we will keep updating downloadable .pdf files which can be viewed by clicking on the 3 buttons below :-

Firstly the story of the timetable itself and how we came by it
Secondly the shield is personal to Horatio Granville Murray Stewart
Thirdly we have charted the lairds of Cally from 1st to 15th.

When this work is finished we need to decide where to keep it on our website.





We recently acquired a silver snuff box that was inscribed with the name James Bain. This is described here.