McMurray Photos - Rattrays of Roseville

Arthur Rattray, was an Indian Civil Servant and Judge. He and his wife Mary Louise Wakely Sutherland lived at Roseville in Ann Street,Gatehouse of Fleet for at least 24 years from the late 1880s to about 1910.

They had 5 children - Henrietta, Robert, Elizabeth, Arthur & Frances. The parents and 3 older children were born in Bengal, India, whilst the 2 younger children were born in Gatehouse.

This is a McMurray photo of the Rattray family which was taken about 1908.

5-55 : standing - Elizabeth Rose Rattray (married Sir Henry New), Frances Rattray (later McCutcheon), Arthur Rullion Rattray (HMS Ganges) & Henrietta Rattray. seated - Mary Sutherland Rattray & Arthur Rattray. (ex  Stephen New).

1-4-11 : Cousins Noelle Rattray (daughter of Robert Rattray) and John New (son of Elizabeth Rose Rattray)   c.1907/8     (ex Stephen New).

                    1-9-13 : At Lochlyoch. Young Alexander McCutcheon on horseback with father Alexander standing   (ex DS)             Young Alexander later married Frances Rattray (ex Stephen New).


left  2-09 : Lieut. Arthur Rullion Rattray c.1908, became Rear-Admiral Sir Arthur Rullion Rattray (ex Stephen New). right  5-08 : Lieutenant Arthur Rullion Rattray.

1-1-06a : Willy Innes, a brother of Mary Margaret Innes who was married to Alexander McCutcheon of Lochlyoch.  Her son, Alexander, married Frances Rattray (ex Stephen New). This seat is probably in the grounds of Roseville.


Here is a picture of one of the rooms at Roseville (note the African artefacts).

5-89a : 

These 2 portraits in ornate frames used to hang at Roseville.

5-32a : Mary Wakely, grandmother of Mary Sutherland (wife of Arthur Rattray snr).

5-33a : William Campbell, grandfather of Mary Sutherland


External References   

Noel Machin wrote a book about Robert Rattray titled   :-  "Government Anthropologist": A Life Of R.S. Rattray


Alexander McCutcheon and Frances Rattray married and at some stage went to live at a farm called Buchan in Glentrool. There they bred ramasites which are a cross between a female fox (vixen) and a male labrador. Here is a short, silent U-Tube film which was recorded in 1959 and which purports to show Alex. and Frances McCutcheon and their ramasites :-