McMurray Photos - Sports Teams

Below are some sports teams that William McMurray photographed.
We would be very grateful if anyone could
  1. identify the name of the team
  2. recognise any members of the team
  3. provide a year when the picture might have been taken

1-5-02a : The lady standing at the back is Evelyn Tait.

4-64a : The lady seated centrally is Evelyn Tait.

4-65a : The lady standing right is Evelyn Tait

1-8-10a :  The girl front row, leftmost, is either Agnes or Harriet Sinclair. The lady standing back row centre is Evelyn Tait.

2-85 :

1-5-03a : The lady is Evelyn Tait. The boy 2nd left on the front row is Robert Mitchell.

2-55a : The person back L is William Hay, joiner / undertaker at Smith & Murray (ex Sheila Wallace ?)

2-57a :  This is a picture of the Gatehouse Grasshoppers taken at the same time as no.2-59a below, but the glass plate has been reversed.

2-59a : Gatehouse Grasshoppers c.1908. Names are available elsewhere on this website - under "Old Photographs" and "Sports Teams"

2-60a :  Seated far right is Tom McGaw (ex Jean Barrowman).  Standing 2nd from R is Jack Tait  (ex Donald Tait).

2-61a :  Front Row left is William Bryan. player with the cup is John Nelson (ex Barbara Grieve). Last 2 on R are Jimmy Straiton & Tam Tait (ex Jack Nelson).  Back row left is Stanley Reid and 3rd from left is probably Faed Sproat. 2nd from the right in the back row is Sam Petrie of Petries Bakery at 21 High Street (back row IDs ex David Gray in NZ)