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Gatehouse Gala : Floats

1951   "Galloway Tinkers"   entered by Fred Heron

1951   "Mary Mary"

1951   "H M S Galloway"         [Honey Farm Tractor]
4. Caroline Richardson (David Steel's cousin),   6. David Cliff-McCulloch,   7. Andrew McCulloch

1952   "See the Handicrafts"     Gatehouse W R I

1953 Float - unknown title.   Photo and names from Gail McGarrie (nee Holmes)
1. Betty Holmes   2. May Gallagher   3, Margaret McInally   4. Nancy Hunter   5. Winnie Stenhouse   6. Jean Riddick   7. Margaret Grieve   8. Agnes Grieve   9. Molly Holmes   10.Irene McInally

1956   British Legion

1956   "Hay-Making"   W R I

1964   "Drystane Dyking - The Grand old Craft"   John & Nigel Nichol

1967   "Home on the Range"     Children of Memory Lane

1968   "Sunday School Trip 50 years ago"     entered by Miss L Hope, Kirkcudbright

1971   "Should we Join the Eurpean Common Market"

Undated     "Fairy Glen"

Undated     "Sandgreen by the Sea"

Undated     "Fawlty Towers"   Murray Arms staff

Undated     "Allo, Allo"

Undated     "Macflintstones"   Gatehouse Lions

Undated     "Save Our School"   Playgroup