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We have access to old newspapers which contain birth, marriage and death announcements, plus some which were reported 50 years earlier. We also have copies of some original BMD certificates. Furthermore we have copies of a number of Church magazines which refer to baptisms weddings and funerals.

The nature of these sources mean that any list we provide cannot in any way be thought of as complete, but we will  include those that we have transcribed in the hope that someone might get lucky !

{the brackets} contain the source of the information : SRO usually implies that the source was an actual certificate, Mag. means the information came from a Church magazine, whilst KA means that the details came from the Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser on the date specified - GN represents the Galloway News). If you see an RoH, this stands for Roll of Honour (during wartime).

Do be wary about dates in this list. Some sources provide death dates, some give funeral dates. We also include In Memorium records which might help where we don't have the newspaper which announced the death.  Remember to check out our separate page for obituaries.

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01 November 1829

MacWilliam - At Joppa Estate, island of Jamaica, on the 1st November last, of fever, James Davitts MacWilliam, son of Mr MacWilliam, Gatehouse of Fleet.    {D&G C 1830 Jan. 19th}

05 February 1830

Hird - On the 5th instant, at Mr Thomas’s Hotel, Belfast, Mr Henry Hird, timber merchant, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, and formerly of Carpener Ferl, Lancashire, {carpenter from Farlton, Lancs. ?} in the 35th year of his age – to the deep regret of his relations, and a large circle of friends and acquaintances.   {D&G C 1830 Feb. 16th}

19 February 1830

Galloway - At Culreoch, parish of Girthon, on the 19th instant, Mr Alex. Galloway, farmer there.   {D&G C 1830 Feb. 23rd}

27 February 1830

Selkirk - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 27th ult., Mr Charles Selkirk, tanner there, aged 47 years.   {D&GC 1830 March 2nd}

01 March 1830

Carter - At Gatehouse-of Fleet, on the 1st inst., Janet Carter aged 57 years, spouse of Mr John Coltart, manufacturer there.   {D&GC 1830 March 9th}

10 March 1830

McWhinnie - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 10th instant, of apoplexy, awfully sudden, Mr John M’Whinnie, of that place, aged 63 years.      {D&GC 1830 March 16th}

28 March 1830

McNaught -  At Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 28th ult., Mr John M’Naught, aged 77 years.   {D&GC 1830 April 6th}

30 March 1830

Credie - At Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 30th ult., suddenly, Mary, infant daughter of David Credie, Esq.   {D&GC 1830 April 6th}

02 April 1830

McNish - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 2d instant, after many years of bad health, Miss Menzies M’Nish, of that place; she was of a particularly kind and friendly disposition, and her memory will long be cherished and esteemed, not only by her immediate relations and friends, but also by everyone who had the pleasure of acquaintance.   {D&GC 1830 April 13th}

12 April 1830

Henry - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 12th inst., Jean Black, spouse of Mr Samuel Henry, senior, cartwright there.   {D&GC 1830 April 20th}

25 May 1830

Martin - At Boreland of Girthon, on the 25th ult., Mr Thomas Martin, farmer.   {D&GC 1830 June 1st}

06 June 1830

Stewart - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 6th instant, Mr Andrew Stewart, mason there.   {D&GC 1830 June 15th}

10 June 1830

McCaa -  At Manchester, on the 10th instant, Thomas, youngest son of Mr Thomas M’Caa, spirit merchant, Gatehouse-of-Fleet.   {D&GC 1830 June 15th}

22 June 1830

McTaggart - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 20th current, Mr Samuel M’Taggart, tailor, in the 79th year of his age. The above veteran tradesman was highly esteemed; for more than sixty years he plied his vocation as a master tailor, and accumulated considerable property by economy and industry. In the early part of his career he cut and fashioned female as well as men’s apparel; an art in which he foiled every competitor, and as dressmakers were the unknown in Galloway, he was employed by all the principal families, and monopolised to a great extent the trade. “Sixty years since” ladies as well as lords were proud to employ him, and no man exhibited more fully the folly of Rousseau’s well known maxim – that the sword and the needle were never meant by nature to be wielded by the same hands.   {D&GC 1830 June 22nd}

29 June 1830

Galloway - At Culreoch, parish of Girthon, on the 29th ult., in the 26th year of his age, much and deservedly esteemed and respected through life, and whose death is deeply lamented by his relations and a large circle of acquaintances, Mr Alexander Galloway, youngest son of the late Mr Alexander Galloway, farmer, Culreoch.   {D&GC 1830 July 6th}

12 July 1830

Kirk - At Mill-mark, parish of Anwoth, on the 12th inst., Mr John Kirk, aged 71 years – a man of civil habits, and unassuming manners.   {D&GC 1830 July 20th}

05 August 1830

Gordon - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 5th instant, aged 65 years, Mr John Gordon; he was a man of much probity and unassumed piety, and greatly esteemed by his neighbours.   {D&GC 1830 Aug.  10th}

30 August 1830

Whan - At Calside, parish of Anwoth, on the 30th ultimo, Mr Alexander Whan, farmer there.   {D&GC 1830 Sept. 7th}

12 November 1830

Murray - At Gatehouse-of-fleet, on the 12th instant, Mr William Murray, mason, aged 75.   {D&GC 1830 Nov. 23rd}

14 November 1830

McGeoch - At Girthon Kirk, on the 14th instant, Jane, second daughter of Mr James M’Geoch, farmer there.   {D&GC 1830 Nov. 23rd}

16 December 1830

Hanning - At Clauchan of Anwoth, on the 16th inst., aged 84 years, Mr John Hanning, formerly grieve at Cally. He was left a widow to whom he had been married 63 years.   {D&GC 1830 Dec. 21st}

06 January 1831

Blyth - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 6th current, after a few days’ illness, Elizabeth, a very interesting child, aged two years and 11 months, daughter of Mr Alexander Blyth, Castle-Douglas.   {D&GC 1831 Jan. 11th}

31 January 1831

Peters - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 31st ult., aged 76, Charles Peters, who was ostler in the Murray’s Arms Inn there, under many landlords, for 45 years.   {D&GC 1831 Feb. 8th}

26 February 1831

McWilliam - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 26th ult., aged 75 years, John M’William, sen., formerly cotton manufacturer there.  {D&GC 1831 March 1st}

27 February 1831

McGeoch - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 27th ult., Janet, eighth daughter of the late Mr John M’Geoch, farmer, Girthon Kirk.   {D&GC 1831 March 8th}

16 March 1831

McKeand - At Gatehouse, on the 16th current, Mr Charles M’Keand, merchant and postmaster. For nearly forty years, he resided in Gatehouse, and was gradually adding to the circle of his acquaintances; and it may truly be said that no man was more respected by his friends, or possessed a better claim to the most enviable distinction society can bestow. His steady principles, pleasing manners, and conciliatory dispositions will long be held in grateful remembrance by those, who even as friends and neighbours, suffer deeply by the present bereavement.  {D&GC 1831 March 22nd}

13 April 1831

Stodhart - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 13th current, Mrs Mary Dickson, wife of the late William Stodhart, Esq. – much regretted.   {D&GC 1831 April 19th}

06 May 1831

Parker - At Ravenshall, near Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 6th instant, aged 64 years, Mrs Margaret Parker, spouse of Mr Alexander Parker, innkeeper there.   {D&GC 1831 May 17th}

08 May 1831

McMaster - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 8th instant, Maria B. M’Master, third daughter of Mr Robert M’Master, timber merchant there.   {D&GC 1831 May 17th}

05 June 1831

McMaster - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 5th inst., aged 12 years, Peter, eldest son of Mr Robert M’Master, timber merchant there.   { D&GC 1831 June 14th}

30 June 1831

Carson - At Boat-green, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 30th ult., Mrs Margaret Carson, widow of the late Mr Alex. Carson, farmer, Lower Auchenlarie, parish of Anwoth.   {D&GC 1831 July 12th}

07 July 1831

Neil - At Cally, on the 7th inst., awfully sudden, aged 65 years, Mr James Neil, principal groom to Alex. Murray, Esq. of Broughton.   {D&GC 1831 July 12th}

15 August 1831

Watson - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 15th instant, aged 12 years, Martha, third daughter of Mr James Watson, surgeon there.   {D&GC 1831 Aug. 23rd}

11 December 1831

Moore - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 11th instant, aged 83 years, and much respected, Mr John Moore, merchant.   {D&GC 1831 Dec. 27th}

14 January 1832

Irving - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 14th instant, suddenly aged 15 years, Samuel James Irving, youngest son of the late James Irving, Esq., surgeon, St. James’s Jamaica; he was a youth of great promise, and his death is very deeply lamented.   {D&GC 1832 Jan. 17th}

17 February 1832

Carter - At Greenslack, parish of Borgue, on the 17th ult., aged 15 years, Euphemia, only daughter of Mr Hugh Carter, farmer there.   {D&GC 1832 March 6th}

19 February 1832

Mactier - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 19th instant, aged 71 years, Mrs Elizabeth Mactier, relict of the late Mr Peter Mactier, merchant there.   {D&GC 1832 Feb. 28th}

16 March 1832

Porter - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 16th instant, Mr Thomas Porter, carrier, aged 34 years.   {D&GC 1832 March 20th}

21 March 1832

Credie - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on Wednesday, the 21st current, Mrs Margaret Credie, relict of the late Provost James Credie, nursery and seedsman there.   {D&GC 1832 March 27th}

29 April 1832

Maxwell - At Hastings, on Sunday, 29th April, John Maxwell, second son of Sir David Maxwell, bart. of Cardoness.   {D&GC 1832 May 8th}

17 October 1832

Murdoch - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 17th instant, after a long illness, borne with great meekness, and Christian resignation, Mr James Murdoch, leather-cutter, aged 82 year, much and deservedly respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.   {D&GC 1832 Oct. 23rd}

11 November 1832

Gordon - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 11th instant, Mrs Janet Gordon, relict of the late Rev. Hugh Gordon, minister of Anwoth, and mother of the Rev. Hugh Gordon, minister of the parish of Mowquhitter (Monquitter), in the Presbytery of Turriff, and Synod of Aberdeen.   {D&GC 1832 Nov. 13th}

31 December 1832

Carson - At Whiteside, parish of Anwoth, on the 31st ult., Mr Samuel Carson, stepson of Mr James Milroy, farmer, Whiteside.   {D&GC 1833 Jan. 8th}

02 January 1833

Long - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 2d inst., Miss Joanna Long, dress-maker, Dumfries, and fourth daughter of Mr Henry Long, agent for weavers, Gatehouse-of-Fleet.    {D&GC 1833 Jan, 8th}.     [In our obituary of last week, a mistake occurred in the announcement of the death of Joanna, daughter of Mr Henry Long, manufacturer, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, upon the 2d instant. She was the fifth, and not the fourth, daughter, and she died in her 23d year. She suffered a lingering and painful illness with the utmost resignation, and no young woman could be more sincerely and deservedly lamented.]   {D&GC 1833 Jan 15th}.

13 March 1833

McMiken - At High Creoch, near Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 13th ult., Mrs M’Miken, aged 76 years, spouse of Mr John M’Miken farmer, High Creoch.   {D&GC 1833 April 9th}

25 March 1833

Wilson - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 25th ult., of hooping cough, Thomas, youngest son of Mr Peter Wilson, flesher there.   {D&GC 1833 April 9th}

02 April 1833

Carmont - At Boat-green, Gatehouse –of-Fleet, on the 2d inst., Mr John Carmont, cooper, much respected.     {D&GC 1833 April 9th}.

10 June 1833

Cairns - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 10th instant, Mr Alexander Cairns, carpenter, aged 66 years.   {D&GC 1833 June 25th}

28 August 1833

Henry - At Killeron, parish of Anwoth, on the 28th ultimo, Mr John Henry, draper, Wigan, Lancashire.   {D&GC 1833 Sept. 4th}

08 September 1833

Ritchie - At Gatehouse, on the 8th instant, James Ritchie, aged 89 years. The deceased in the earlier part of his life served for a number of years in the Royal Navy, and fought in several engagements under Admiral Hood.   {D&GC 1833 Sept. 25th} 

24 September 1833

McKie - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 24th ult., Mr William M’Kie, master of the sloop Maryanne.   {D&GC 1833 Oct. 9th}

24 September 1833

Stewart - At Cairnsmore, on the 24th ult., in her 81st year, Mrs Stewart, relict of Patrick Stewart, Esq.    {D&GC 1833 Oct. 9th}

15 November 1833

McMinn - Suddenly, at Edinburgh, on the 15th ult., Margaret M’Minn, aged 17 years, third daughter of Mr John M’Minn, cabinet maker, late of Gatehouse, and grand-daughter of the deceased Mr William Thomson, late schoolmaster of the parish of Kirkmabreck. – She was a dutiful daughter, an affectionate sister and a sincere Christian – her sweet temper and agreeable manners gained the esteem of all who knew her.   {D&GC 1833 Dec. 25th}

14 December 1833

Brown - At Boreland, of Anwoth, on the 14th inst., at an advanced age, Miss Barbara Brown, spinster, an individual who was deservedly esteemed and respected by all who knew her. A man servant was in her employ when she died, who had been with her upwards of 45 years; and a female servant who left her employ last Whitsunday, from infirmity alone, was with her 42 years, which speaks well for all parties.   {D&GC 1833 Dec. 25}

16 January 1834

McCaa - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 16th inst., aged 80 years, Mr Thomas M’Caa, wholesale and retail wine and spirit dealer, for 55 years in that town. - He was a man that during that long period, was much esteemed for probity in all his dealings, and greatly respected by a very extensive connection of friends.   {D&GC 1834 Jan. 22nd}

25 January 1834

Shannon - At Gatehouse- of Fleet, on the 25th ult., Mr William Shannon, mariner, aged 77 years, for nearly half a century master of Sloops in the coasting trade, out of the ports of Kirkcudbright and Gatehouse-of-Fleet.   {D&GC 1834 Feb. 5th}

13 March 1834

Galloway - At Bermuda, on the 13th March last, aged 32 years, the Rev. George Galloway, a native of the parish of Girthon, minister of the Presbyterian Church, Bermuda, deeply and sincerely lamented by his congregation, as well as by a numerous circle of relations and friends.   {D&GC 1834 May 14th}

19 March 1834

Brown - Here, (Dumfries) on the 19th inst., Elizabeth L. Brown, aged 20, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Brown, Esq. of Drumshangan, near Gatehouse-of-Fleet, whose premature death is much and sincerely regretted, by all those who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.   {D&GC 1834 March 26th}

02 April 1834

McAdam - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 2d inst., aged 74 years, Mr Martin M’Adam, formerly farmer in Disdow, parish of Girthon.   {D&GC 1834 April 9th}

22 April 1834

Watson - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 22d instant, aged 22 years, Thomas, eldest son of Mr Watson, surgeon there.   {D&GC 1834 April 30th}

11 May 1834

Selkirk - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 11th inst., Mrs Janet Selkirk, aged 85 years, and who for 50 years kept a most respectable Inn in that burgh.   {D&GC 1834 May 21st}

March 1836

Campbell - At Enrick Mill, near Gatehouse, on the (--)th inst., Janet B. Campbell, third daughter of Mr Robert Campbell, tenant there    {WFP March 1836}

09 January 1843

Rushton - At Cally House, near Gatehouse, on the 9th inst., Mr Joseph Rushton, aged 85. He was a native of Macclesfield in Cheshire, and for upwards of half a century had been in the employ of the late James Murray, Esq., of Broughton, and of Alexander Murray, Esq., M.P. for the Stewartry.   { WFP Jan. 1843}

17 February 1843

McClure - At Hinton, parish of Anwoth, on the 17th ult., at the advanced age of four score and ten years, Agnes M'Clure, mother of Mr Andrew M'Lellan, tanner.   { WFP March 1843}

17 February 1843

McClure - At Hinton, parish of Anwoth, on the 17th ult., at the advanced age of four score and ten years, Agnes M'Clure, mother of Mr Andrew M'Lellan, tanner.   { WFP March 1843} 

02 March 1843

Carter - At Gatehouse, on the 2d inst., aged 70 years, Mrs Margaret Carter, mother of Mr John Carter, tailor there. (First Insertion)   { WFP March 1843}

02 March 1843

Carter - At Gatehouse, on the 2d inst., Mrs Margaret Clinton, relict of Mr John Carter, aged 70 years. (Second Insertion)   {WFP March 1843}

01 April 1843

McNae - At Gatehouse, on the 1st current, Miss Margaret M'Nae, after a severe and protracted illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation. Advanced in years.   {WFP April 1843}

02 April 1843

Turnbull - At Ivy Lodge, Cally, on the 2d current, of scarlet fever, Hugh Turnbull, aged five years, youngest son of Mr George Turnbull, wood-forrester to Alexander Murray, Esq., M.P..   {WFP April. 1843}

04 April 1843

Sheen - On the 4th current, of scarlet fever, George Sheen, aged eight (8) years, son of William Sheen, labourer, Gatehouse.   {WFP April 1843}

24 April 1843

 McGill - At Gatehouse, on the 24th inst., John M'Gill, dyker, aged 70. The deceased was for many years a principle member of the Mason's society there, and his death will no doubt be felt amongst the Brotherhood of St. Stephen's.   {WFP April 1843} 

16 May 1843

McClellan - At Graystone Cottage, parish of Girthon, on the 16th inst., at the venerable age of 83 years, Mr John M'Clellan, formerly farmer at Halfmerk.   {WFP May 1843}

16 May 1843

McLellan- At Greystone Cottage, parish of Girthon, on the 16th ult., at the venerable age of 88 years, Mr John M'Lellan, formerly farmer at Halfmerk.   {WFP June 1843}

23 May 1843

McLelland - At Gatehouse, on the 23d ult., Margaret M'Lelland, aged 86.   {WFP June 1843} 

10 June 1843

Landsburgh - At Lochinbreck Well, on the 10th inst., very suddenly, of apoplexy, Jean Durham, aged 58, spouse to Mr Landsburgh, innkeeper there.   {WFP June 1843}

23 June 1843

Campbell - At Enrick Mill, on the 23d inst., after a severe illness, aged 55 years, Mary Connel, spouse of Mr Robert Campbell, Stewart-officer.   {WFP June 1843}

25 June 1843

Hannay - At Rusco House, on the 25th inst., Janet Hannay, eldest daughter of Robert Hannay, Esq., aged 6 years, an interesting and amiable girl, and deeply lamented by mourning parents and friends.   {WFP June 1843}

23 July 1843

Whirk - At Gatehouse, on the 23d inst., Mary Kinging, aged 84 years, spouse of the late Gilbert Whirk, merchant there.   {WFP July 1843}

05 August 1843

Broadfoot - At China, on the 5th August last, very much respected, and sincerely regretted by everyone who knew him, Captain Robert Broadfoot, of the ship "Davenport" of Liverpool and youngest son of the late John Broadfoot, Esq., Gatehouse-of Fleet.   {WFP Sept. 1843}

15 August 1843

McEwan - At Elizabethtown, State of Kentucky, United States, on 15th August last, Mr John M'Ewen, late farmer of Mossyard, Anwoth.   {WFP 1843}

11 September 1843

McGeoch - Suddenly, at Girthon Old Kirk, on the 11th current, Agnes Rae, wife of Mr James M'Geoch, farmer there. Her loss will be severely felt by her numerous family and sorrowing friends.   {WFP Sept. 1843} 

19 September 1843

Dennistoun - At Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., at the advanced age of 86, Mary Bland, spouse of the late Mr William Dennistoun, Quarterland, Girthon.   {WFP Sept. 21, 1843}

19 September 1843

Denniston - At Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., at the house of her son, Mr John Denniston, grocer and spirit dealer there, Mrs Mary Bland, at the advanced aged of 87 years. {WFP Sep 28, 1843}

19 September 1843

Bland - At Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., at the house of her son, Mr John Denniston, grocer and spirit dealer there, Mrs Mary Bland, at the advanced aged of 87 years. {WFP Sept 28, 1843}

22 September 1843

Lockhart - At Gatehouse, on the 22d inst, after a long illness, John Lockhart, painter (recently resident in Manchester), aged 29 years   {WFP Sept. 1843}

05 October 1843

Carson - At Callside of Anwoth, on the 5th curt., Mr James Carson, farmer, aged 64, after a sudden and severe illness.   {WFP Oct. 1843}

08 October 1843

Galloway - At Gatehouse, on the 8th curt., Mary Nish, aged 36, spouse of the late Alex. Galloway, farmer, Culreoch, Girthon. She lived respected and died regretted.   {WFP Oct. 1843}

16 October 1843

Milroy - At Whiteside, in Anwoth, on the 16th inst., Mary Carson, aged 66, spouse of Mr James Milroy, farmer there. {WFP Oct. 26, 1843}

16 October 1843

Milroy - At Whiteside, in Anwoth, on the 16th current, Mary Carson, aged 66, spouse of James Milroy, farmer there. The deceased was in her usual state of health when a blood-vessel burst, and immediately she was in eternity. What adds to the grief of the bereaved relatives is, that the cheek was scarce dry that had been wet for her brother in Callside, whose death we recorded last week, there being only about ten days apart in their respective deaths. Their loss will be severely felt by a large circle of relatives by whom they were universally esteemed. {WFP October 19, 1843}

29 October 1843

Miller - At Gatehouse, on the 29th ult., Mrs Helen Denniston, aged 70 years, relict of the Rev. Archibald Miller, who for a series of years was a pious and useful minister belonging to the Congregational Union of Scotland.   {WFP Nov 1843}

06 November 1843

Heywood - At Gatehouse, on the 6th inst., Mrs Anne Heywood, aged 45 years, wife of Mr Henry Heywood, manager of the Cotton Mills there.   {WFP Nov. 1843}

12 November 1843

McGaw - At Gatehouse, on the 12th inst., Hugh M'Gaw, mason and stone-cutter, advanced in life.   {WFP Nov. 1843}

17 November 1843

Gardiner - At Murrayton, parish of Girthon, on the 17th inst., Elizabeth, aged 2 years 5 months, , child of Mr John Gardiner, farmer there.   {WFP Nov. 1843}

17 November 1843

Gardiner -At Murrayton, parish of Girthon, on the 17th inst., John, aged 1 years 3 months, child of Mr John Gardiner, farmer there.   {WFP Nov. 1843}

19 December 1843

Carson - At Catherine street, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 19th inst., Mary Carson, a native of Drumshangan, aged 84 years.   {WFP Dec. 1843}

30 December 1843

Murdoch - At Gatehouse, on the 30th ult., aged 78 years, Mrs Mary Martin, spouse of Mr Richard Murdoch, there, and mother of Mr Robert Murdoch, grocer and provision dealer, also of Gatehouse   {WFP Jan 1844}

04 February 1844

 Bell- At the Clachan of Anwoth, on the 4th curt., Mr John Bell, aged 53, schoolmaster, there, whose humble deportment and strict attention to his scholastic duties gained for him the esteem of all who knew him. {WFP Feb. 1846}

04 February 1844

Hughan - At Gatehouse, on the 4th curt., Grace Hughan, aged 59 years.   {WFP Feb. 1844}

13 February 1844

Menzies - At Gatehouse, on the 13th instant, at the advanced age of 79 years, Mrs Jane Thompson, relict of Mr William Menzies, draper. {WFP Feb 22, 1844

13 February 1844

Menzies - At Gatehouse, on the 13th inst., Mrs Jane Thompson, aged 59 years, relict of Mr Wm. Menzies, merchant, there.   {WFP Feb. 1844}

20 February 1844

Moore - At Fleurug, (Fleuchlarg) parish of Girthon, on the 20th curt., Jane Moore, advanced in years.   {WFP Feb. 1844}

28 February 1844

Kennedy - At Gatehouse, on the 28th ult., Mr Alex. Kennedy, tidewaiter.   {WFP March 1844}

01 March 1844

Brown - At Gatehouse, on the 1st inst., Mrs Anne Brown, relict of Alex Brown, Esq., Drumshangan.   {WFP March 1844}

04 March 1844

Armstrong - At Gatehouse, on the 4th inst., Mrs Jane Armstrong, relict of Mr John Armstrong, parish schoolmaster. {WFP March 1844}

05 March 1844

Davidson - At Freeman Terrace, Gateshead, on the 5th curt, after a short but severe illness, James Davidson, Esq., late a proprietor of the Gatehouse Cotton Factory - much and deservedly respected.   {WFP March 1844}

10 March 1844

Sproat - At Carrick, Borgue, on the 10th curt, after a long and severe illness, Elizabeth M'Gowan, spouse of Mr J. Sproat.   {Wigtownshire Free Press March 1844} 

16 March 1844

Coltart - At Gatehouse, on the 16th inst., aged 78 years, Mr John Coltart, formerly gingham and muslin manufacturer there; a man of much probity and uprightness.   {WFP March 1844}

17 March 1844

Bone - At Gatehouse, on the 17th inst., Margaret, youngest child of Mr John Bone.   {WFP March1844}

31 March 1844

McKay - At Gatehouse, on the 31st ult., Ann Kennedy, wife of Mr James M'Kay, weaver, after a long illness.   {WFP April 1844}

08 April 1844

Cunningham - At Gatehouse, on the 8th inst., Samuel, aged 11 years, eldest son of Mr John Cunningham, joiner.   {WFP April 1844}

19 April 1844

Watson - On the 19th April last, on board the ship "Fire Fly", Captain Kerr, at New Calabar, Africa, in the 26th year of his age, after 35 day's illness, from fever, caught in the discharge of his professional duties, John Watson, C.M., lately surgeon in Newton-Stewart, and son of James Watson, Esq., surgeon, Gatehouse.   {WFP 1844}

22 April 1844

Gardener - At Murrayton, parish of Girthon, on the 22d inst., William, infant son of Mr John Gardener, farmer, there.   {WFP April 1844}

22 May 1844

Pollock - At Gatehouse, on the 22d inst., Jessie, third daughter of Mr Hugh Pollock, tinsmith.   {WFP May 1844}

30 May 1844

Bourbank - At Gatehouse, Mr Wm. Bourbank, aged 69 years.   {WFP May 1844}

01 June 1844

Hunter - At Gatehouse, on the 1st inst., after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian patience and resignation, Mr Peter M'Tier Hunter, aged 24 years, sincerely regretted by a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.   {WFP June 1844}

07 June 1844

McMillan - At Gatehouse, on the 7th curt, after a short illness, Mr Alex. M'Millan, weaver.   {WFP June 1844}

28 June 1844

Credie - At Gatehouse, on the morning of the 28th ult., Harriet, third daughter or Mr David Credie, nursery and seedsman there.   {WFP July 1844}

01 August 1844

 Broadfoot - At the Township of Tuckersmith, Huron Track, Canada West, on the 1st ult., Mrs Margaret Carnochan, wife of Mr Alex. Broadfoot - much and justly regretted by her family and friends. She was second daughter of Mr Samuel Carnochan, formerly of Little Barlay, near Gatehouse  {WFP Sept. 1844}

22 August 1844

McLauchlan - At Gatehouse, aged three years, Mary, daughter of Mr James M'Lauchlan.   {WFP Aug. 1844} 

10 September 1844

Clinton - At Borgue Kirk, on the 10th inst. from the sting of a bee on the head, Mr John Clinton, merchant.   {WFP Sept. 1844}

15 September 1844

Hornall - At Gatehouse, on the 15th inst., Henrietta Hornall, aged 55 - a poor blind creature, beloved by all who knew her for her innocent character and grateful conduct.   {WFP Sept. 1844}

14 November 1844

Clinton - At Glasgow, on the 14th inst., aged 27, Mr William Clinton, mason, eldest surviving son of the late Mr John Clinton, innkeeper, Borgue Kirk Village.   {WFP Nov. 1844}

11 December 1844

Milligan - At Gatehouse, on the 11th instant, Mr David Milligan, joiner   {WFP Dec. 1844}

13 December 1844

Biggam - At Gatehouse, on the 13th instant, Mr Thomas Biggam, carter.   {WFP Dec. 1844}

07 January 1845

Armstrong - At Carsluith Cottage, parish of Kirkmabreck, on the 7th inst., very suddenly, John Armstrong, late teacher, Kirkdale. {WFP Jan. 1845}

08 January 1845

McMiken - At High Creoch, parish of Girthon, on the 8th inst., after long and protracted suffering, borne with much fortitude and resignation, Mrs Mary Bell, aged 64 years, spouse of Mr James M'Micken, farmer there.   {WFP Jan. 1845}

17 January 1845

Cowan - At Killeran, parish of Anwoth, on the 17th inst., aged 89 years, Mr Alexander Cowan formerly of Rushey Park, parish of Kirkmabreck   {WFP Jan. 1845}

27 January 1845

McClure - At Gatehouse, on the 27th ult., aged 80 years, Mr Alex. M'Clure, who for nearly the whole of that lengthened period resided in the parish of Girthon, where he was born.   {WFP Feb. 1845}

13 February 1845

P...ton - At Borgue Kirk Village, on the 13th inst., after a short illness, aged 74, William P---ton, carrier, between that place, Kirkcudbright, and Gatehouse.   {WFP Feb. 1845}

22 February 1845

Lourie - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 22nd inst., in the 29th year of her age, Agnes Kinnell, wife of James Lourie, and second daughter of the late William Kinnell, mason there - much regretted.   {WFP Feb. 1845}

27 February 1845

Maxwell - At Gatehouse, on the 27th ult., very suddenly, Anne Bell, aged 61 years, wife of James Maxwell, pensioner there. {WFP March. 1845}

12 March 1845

Bryce - At Boatgreen, Gatehouse, on the 12th inst., Helen, aged 24 years, daughter of Wm. Bryce, mariner there - much regretted.   {WFP March 1845}

14 March 1845

Campbell- At Boatgreen, Gatehouse, on the 14th inst., William Campbell, at the venerable age of 88 years.   {WFP March 1845}

25 March 1845

Gunn - At Cally, near Gatehouse, on the 25th ult., Henrietta H. Gunn, aged 27, teacher of the school supported by Lady Ann Murray - much and deservedly regretted.   {WFP April 1845}

09 April 1845

Gordon - At Gatehouse, on the 9th instant, of consumption, in the 17th year of her age, Eliza, a very interesting young woman, daughter of Widow John Gordon, there.   {WFP April 1845}

21 May 1845

Gibson - At Cally Stables, on the 21st instant, Mr John Gibson, schoolmaster, Gatehouse, in the prime of life.   {WFP May 1845}

13 June 1845

Wilson - At Gatehouse, on the 13th instant, after a long affliction, Agnes, daughter of the late David Wilson of that place.   {WFP June 1845}

15 June 1845

Porter - At Gatehouse, on the 15th inst., after a lingering illness, Mr Thomas Porter, landlord of the Masons' Arms Inn, much respected.   {WFP June 1845}

06 July 1845

Richardson - At Gatehouse, on the 6th instant, in the 89th year of her age Mrs Anne Richardson, mother of the late Mr John Clinton, merchant, Borgue Kirk.   {WFP July 1845}

16 August 1845

Carson - At Aikeyhill, parish of Girthon, on the 16th inst., aged 85 years, Margaret Porter, relict of William Carson.   {WFP Aug. 1845}

04 October 1845

McCleave - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 4th inst., in the 76th year of his age, John M'Cleave, mason and slater there, and a very old member of St. Stephen's Lodge.   {WFP Oct 1845}

13 November 1845

Cluckie - At Girthon Kirk Village, on the 22d ult,. Mrs Agnes M'Connell, aged 73, widow of Mr Matthew Clukie - much respected.   {WFP Dec. 1845}

19 November 1845

Thomson - On the 19th ult., Jane Eleanora Thomson, third daughter of the late Rev. Robert Jeffrey, minister of the Free Church of Girthon and Anwoth.   {WFP Dec 1845}

28 November 1845

Murdoch - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 28th ultimo, Elizabeth Cowan, spouse of Robert M. Murdoch, grocer there.   {WFP Dec 1845}

December 1845

McConochie - In December last, at St. Helena, of fever, Mr Alexander M'Conochie, ship carpenter, son of Mr Hugh M'Conochie, Barrhill, near Gatehouse - deeply regretted.   {WFP Jan? 1845}

19 December 1845

Gibson - At Drumwall, near Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., after a short illness, Jane Nisbet, spouse of Mr Joseph Gibson.   {WFP Dec 1845}

11 January 1846

Carter - At Slack, near Gatehouse, on the 11th inst., Mr Hugh Carter, farmer there, aged 86 years.   {Wigtownshire Free Press Jan. 1846}

24 February 1846

Maxwell - At Dalskairth, on the 24th ult., Mary, wife of William Maxwell, yr. of Cardoness.   {WFP March 1846}

20 April 1846

 Gardiner - At Murrayton, parish of Girthon, on the 20th instant, after a long illness, Mary Galloway, aged 39 years, the beloved wife of Mr John Gardiner, farmer there.   {WFP April 1846}

16 May 1846

McTaggart - At Gatehouse, on the 16th inst., aged 75 years, Mr S. M'Taggart, tailor - much respected.   {WFP May 1846}

26 May 1846

McTaggart - At Gatehouse, on the 26th ult., after a short illness, Mr Samuel M'Taggart, aged 68 years - a confidential operative in the factory there.   {WFP June 1846}

20 June 1846

Cowan - At Cardoness cottage, parish of Anwoth on the 20th ult., aged 94 years, after only a few hours' illness, Agnes Patterson, spouse of John Cowan, who is in the 98th year of his age, and was able to attend his wife's funeral, and at the interment laid her head in the grave. The couple had lived as man and wife together for the long period of 70 years. The old man is still in the enjoyment of good health and mental capacity, and frequently walks into Gatehouse, a distance of more than three mile   {WFP July 1846}

21 June 1846

Kelly - At Arkland, parish of Anwoth, on the 21st ult., aged 18 years, Janet Douglas, eldest daughter of Mr Peter Kelly, farmer, Arkland.   {WFP July 1846}

28 June 1846

Walker - At Gatehouse, on the 28th ult., after a long illness, aged 43 years, William Walker, shoemaker there.   {WFP Aug. 1846}

05 August 1846

Campbell - At Hill Cottage, Gatehouse, on the 5th instant, Jane Mary, infant daughter of Mr Thomas Campbell, grocer, there.   {WFP Aug. 1846}

05 August 1846

Morton - At Gatehouse, on the 5th inst, in infancy, John William, son of John Morton, tenter, Cotton Mill, there.   {WFP Aug. 1846}

10 August 1846

Heron - At Gatehouse, on the 10th inst., at the venerable age of 88 years, Mr Anthony Heron, who for 57 years was farmer in Drumwall, parish of Girthon, and was an elder in said parish for about 45 years. He has left an aged widow, with whom he had lived in harmony nearly three score and ten years.   {WFP Aug. 1846}

28 August 1846

Munro - At Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 28th ultimo, Mr William Munro, vintner, Blue Bell Inn, aged 50. He lived respected by all who knew him, and died sincerely regretted by an extensive circle of sorrowing friends.   {WFP Sept. 1846}

02 September 1846

Kirkpatrick - At Gatehouse, on the 2d curt., after a brief illness James Kirkpatrick, Esq., sn, elder of the church, as his father had been before him, a County Magistrate, and more than once Provost of his native burgh. For many years he carried on business extensively as a general merchant.   {WFP Sept. 1846}

16 September 1846

Maizland - At Pittsburgh, United States, on the 16th September, last, after a short illness, in his 46th year, Mr James Maizland, son of Mr James Maizland, Mill Hall, Borgue, and formerly of the Commercial Inn, Gatehouse, who was much respected, and extensively known in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.   {WFP Oct 1846}

10 October 1846

McMaster - At Gatehouse, on the 10th inst., after a long illness, borne with Christian meekness, Eliza, second daughter of Mr Robert M'Master, timber merchant, there.   {WFP Oct. 1846}

05 November 1846

McLellan - At Hinton, Anwoth, on the 5th instant, Mary Milligan, aged 79 years, wife of Mr Andrew M'Lellan, farmer.   {WFP Nov 1846}

07 November 1846

McLauchlan - At Gatehouse, on the 7th instant, after a protracted and painful illness of three years' duration, Mr J. M'Lauchlan, aged 43 years.   {WFP Nov. 1846}  

10 November 1846

Armstrong -  At Ravenshall, parish of Kirkmabreck, on the 10th inst., Henrietta Armstrong, the beloved spouse of Mr John Arnot, innkeeper, there. {WFP Nov. 1846}

13 November 1846

Porter - At the Mason's Arms Inn, Gatehouse, on the 13th inst., Margaret Richardson, aged 50 years, relict of Mr Thomas Porter, innkeeper, there.   {WFP Nov. 1846}

03 December 1846

Heron - At Gatehouse, on the 3d inst., after a protracted illness, Mary Grierson, relict of the late Anthony Heron, aged 76 years.   {WFP Dec. 1846}

22 December 1846

McTaggart - At Gatehouse, suddenly, on the 22d instant, Elizabeth Cruickshanks, wife of Mr M'Taggart, spirit dealer there.   {WFP Dec. 1846}

27 January 1847

Clark - At Gatehouse, on the 27th ult., in the 77th year (of her) age, Janet Clark, spinster.   {WFP Feb. 1847}

04 February 1847

Gerrand - At Rainton, near Gatehouse, on the 4th inst., after a very short illness, Mr William Gerrand.   {WFP Feb. 1847}

03 March 1847

Lees - On the same night, very suddenly, Catherine Gordon, wife of Mr Wm. Lees, grocer, aged 50.    {WFP April 1843}

17 March 1847

Garaway - At Gatehouse, on the 17th instant, aged 46 years, Robert, son of William Garaway, tailor, there.   {WFP March 1847}

19 March 1847

McCaa - At Gatehouse, on the 19th instant, after short confinement, Jean, daughter of the late Thomas McCaa, spirit merchant, there, and the last of his family   {WFP March 1847}

31 March 1847

McTaggart - At Gatehouse, on the 31st ultimo, Mr John M'Taggart, weaver, aged 75 years.  {WFP April 1847}

03 April 1847

Graham - On the 3rd inst. aged 43 years, Elizabeth Martin, spouse of Mr Wm. Graham, tailor.   {WFP April 1847}

05 April 1847

McClure - On the 5th instant, Elisabeth M'Neil, relict of James M'Clure, weaver, aged 66 years.   {WFP April 1847} 

14 April 1847

Porter - At Cottage, Cally Park, Gatehouse, on the 14th inst., Mary Murray, in her 93d year, wife of James Porter there, the two having lived together in wedded bliss nearly 70 years.   {WFP April 1847}

20 April 1847

Campbell - At Gatehouse, on the 20th ult., Mrs Isabella Connell, relict of the late Anthony Campbell, Fleet Street, there   {WFP May 1847}

24 April 1847

Graham - At Toll-Bar Cottage, Gatehouse, on the 24th ult., Mr George Graham, advanced in years   {WFP May 1847}

30 April 1847

McDonald - At Gatehouse, on the 30th ult., Jane Raeside, wife of Alex. M'Donald, blacksmith.   {WFP May 1847}

01 May 1847

McTaggart - At Gatehouse, on the 31st ultimo, Mr John M'Taggart, weaver, aged 75 years.   {WFP May 1847}

01 May 1847

Lees - Very suddenly, Catherine Gordon, wife of Mr Wm. Lees, grocer, aged 50. {WFP May 1847}

05 May 1847

McClure - On the 5th instant, Elizabeth M'Neil, relict of James M'Clure, weaver, aged 66 years.   {WFP May 1847}

15 May 1847

 McQuhae - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 15th instant, (at the home of his uncle, Mr M.D. M'Millan), John Douglas, aged 14 years, youngest son of the late Mr John M'Quhae, grocer and wine merchant, there. He was an interesting youth of much promise, whose early death is much regretted   {WFP May 1847}

02 June 1847

Sproat - On the 2d inst., in the prime of life, Mr Hugh Sproat, farmer, Plunton, parish of Borgue.   {WFP June 1847}

04 June 1847

Sproat - At Fleet Cottage, Gatehouse, on the 4th inst., Mrs Catharine Blair, the affectionate wife of Mr John Sproat.   {WFP June 1847}

14 June 1847

McNae - At Gatehouse, on the 14th current, advanced in years, Miss Grace M'Nae, long resident there.   {WFP June 1847}

19 June 1847

 Stott - At Gatehouse, on the 19th ultimo, after a protracted illness, Ruth M'Bride, relict of the late Mr John Stott, aged 75 years.   {WFP July 1847}

03 July 1847

McConchie - At Barrhill, near Gatehouse, on the 3d instant, after a lingering illness, Mrs Grace Houston, wife of Mr Hugh M'Conchie, aged 57.   {WFP July 1847}

12 July 1847

Black - At Boatgreen, Gatehouse, on the 12th instant, Isabella, aged 10 years, daughter of Mr Alexander Black, there.   {WFP July 1847}

12 July 1847

McKie - At Gatehouse, on the 12th instant, aged 89 years, Margaret M'Kean, relict of the late Peter M'Kie, Woodhead, parish of Anwoth.   {WFP July 1847} 

10 August 1847

Cairns - At Gatehouse, on the 10th inst, after long and severe illness, Nicholas M'Nish, aged 73 years, relict of Alex. Cairns   {WFP Aug. 1847}

04 September 1847

Henry - At Lag, parish of Girthon, on the 4th inst., in his 22d year, Thomas, son of Mr Samuel Henry, farmer, there.   {WFP Sept. 1847}

07 September 1847

Ramsay - At Goatend Cottage, Anwoth, on the 7th inst., Robert Ramsay, aged 80 years.   {WFP Sept. 1847}

31 January 1850

Jeffrey - At 17 Clarence Street, Edinburgh, on the 31st ult., Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Robert Jeffrey, minister of Girthon, in the 12th year of her age.   {WFP Feb.1850}

14 March 1850

McMurray - at Anwoth Kirk Village, near Gatehouse, on the 14th instant, aged 70 , Mrs Margaret Sproat, wife of Mr James M'Murray.   {WFP March 1850}

14 July 1851

Cowan - At Old Land, parish of Anwoth, on the 14th inst, Miss Helen Cowan.   {WFP July 1851}

19 July 1851

Haliday - At Cally Gate, on the 19th inst. in her 19th years, Elizabeth, second daughter of James Haliday, there.   {WFP July 1851}

24 May 1852

Gardiner - At Killern, near Gatehouse, on the 24th ultimo, Mary Hamilton, spouse of Mr Alexander Gardiner, farmer there - greatly lamented by relatives and friends; and on the following day their infant child.   {WFP June 1852}

25 May 1852

Gardiner - At Killern, near Gatehouse, on the 25th ultimo, Baby Gardiner, infant child of Mr Alexander & late Mary Gardiner. {WFP June 1852}

30 November 1852

Broadfoot - Near Melbourne, Australia, on the 30th November last, Mr John Broadfoot, youngest son of Mr Andrew Broadfoot, late farmer in Low Creoch, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, aged 36. {WFP Nov. 1852}

04 January 1853

McTaggart - At Back Street, Gatehouse, on the 4th current, Mrs Elizabeth Boddon, aged 78 years, relict of the late Mr M'Taggart, agent.   {WFP Jan. 1853}

26 July 1854

Brown - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs Nicholas Brown, aged 79 years, relict of the late Mr Thomas Martin, farmer, Boreland of Girthon.   {WFP Aug. 1854}

26 July 1854

Martin - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs Nicholas Brown, aged 79 years, relict of the late Mr Thomas Martin, farmer, Boreland of Girthon.   {WFP Aug. 1854}

27 July 1854

Carnochan - At Barlay Mill Cottage, parish of Girthon, on the 27th ult., Peter Carnochan, aged 78 years, at one period farmer in Meikle Barlay, and whose lineage has been in Girthon for centuries   {WFP Aug. 1854}

August 1854

Stirling - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse, awfully sudden, whilst in the act of making household bread, Jane M'Murray, wife of John Stirling, jobber there.   {WFP 17th Aug.1854 }

03 August 1854

Johnstone - At Mason's Arms Inn, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 3d inst., Mrs Agnes Alexander, relict of the late Robert Johnstone, innkeeper and game-dealer there. {WFP Aug. 1854}

29 October 1854

Bryce - At Irvine, on the 29th ult., while in harbour there, aged 59 years, Captain William Bryce of the "Armanila", well known in the coasting trade, and belonging to Gatehouse-of-Fleet, where his funeral took place on the 4th inst., friends will please accept of this intimation.  {{WFP Nov. 1854}

13 January 1855

John Kelly death, 1855 Jan 13th, Back St, Gatehouse of Fleet - age 115 days, born Gatehouse of Fleet - father Robert Kelly - ? - deceased, mother Elizabeth Kelly ms C? - cause of death - consumption - buried Girthon Churchyard, certified by John Sawyer, gravedigger.

10 February 1855

John Henry death - 1855 Feb 10th, Back Street, Gatehouse of Fleet - age19 years, lived in Gatehouse for 6 years, father Alexander Henry, labourer, mother Isabella Henry, ms Thorburn - buried in Girthon Churchyard, certified by John Sawyer, gravedigger.

10 February 1855

Henry - At Gatehouse, on the 10th ult., John Henry, Back street.   {WFP March 1855}

10 February 1855

McKay - Same day, John M'Kay. {WFP March 1855}

10 February 1855

Templeton - Mrs Templeton.   {WFP March 1855}

13 February 1855

McConnel - Peter M'Connel.   {WFP Press March 1855}

15 February 1855

John McKay death - 1855 Feb 15th, Back Street, Gatehouse of Fleet - age 25 years - father James McKay, fisherman, mother Anne McKay ms Kennedy (deceased)  Father signed with a 'X'  - buried Girthon Churchyard - certified by John Sawyer, gravedigger.

02 April 1855

Dalziell - At Back Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 2d inst., Agnes Dalziell, grocer and spirit dealer there, aged 74 years   {{WFP April 1855}

17 May 1855

Coltart - At Octagon Villa, City of St John's, Antigua on the 17th May last, Andrew Coltart, Esq., merchant there, third son of the late John Coltart, manufacturer, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Scotland. He emigrated to Antigua in 1818   {WFP Dec 1845}

17 May 1855

Heron - At Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 17th instant, William Heron, aged 82 years, formerly in the farm of Drumwall.   {WFP May 1855}

19 August 1855

Gordon - At Gatehouse - of - Fleet, on the 19th instant, Mr James Gordon, joiner and cartwright there, aged 46 years.   {WFP Aug. 1855}

23 August 1855

 Grier - At Gatehouse, on the 23d instant, Isabella Grier, aged 81 years, relict of the late Mr Samuel L--don, joiner.   {WFP Aug. 1855}

02 November 1855

McClelland - At Gatehouse-of -Fleet, on the 2d (instant) Mr Alexander M'Clelland, aged 67 years----------------------------and tenant in Greystane.   {WFP Nov. 1855}

28 December 1855

McDouall - At Genoch, on the 28th ult., Mr James M'Douall, farmer, aged 68 years - very suddenly.   {WFP Jan. 1856}

22 August 1858

Caird - At Genoch, on the 22nd inst., Isabella Marion, eldest daughter of Alex. M'Noel Caird, Esq.. {WFP Aug. 1858}

30 November 1858

Love - At Genoch, on the 30th ult., of scarlatina, Samuel, infant son of Captain Love.   {WFP Dec 1858}

09 February 1861

Graham - At Cally Saw Mill, Gatehouse, on the 9th inst., Ed....aged 12 years, son of Mr Graham, architect, Cally   {WFP Feb. 1861} 

06 January 1862

Andrew Brackenridge death 1862 Jan. 6th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 5½ - father David Brackenridge, innkeeper - mother Margaret Brackenridge ms Bell. Witness David Brackenridge, father.

12 January 1862

Robert Henry death 1862 Jan. 12th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 34, joiner, single - father Samuel Henry, joiner - mother Margaret Henry ms McKie. Witness Samuel Henry, father.

08 February 1862

Margaret McMichael death 1862 Feb. 8th - aged 61, married to William McMichael, farmer - father James Kelly, farmer, deceased - mother Elizabeth Kelly ms Kirkpatrick, deceased. Witness James McMichael, son.

12 March 1862

William McGowan death 1862 March 12th - Cross Street, Gatehouse of Fleet - aged 62, sheriff officer, married to Jane Murray - father James McGowan, cotton weaver, deceased - mother Nicholas McGowan ms Fisher, deceased. Witness Jane McGowan, widow. Signed with 'X'

14 March 1862

John Caffle (or Capple) death 1862 March 14th - Birtwhistle Street, Gatehouse of Fleet - aged 8 months - father Michael Caffle (or Capple) - mother Catherine Caffle (or Capple) ms Fadzean. Witness Catherine Caffle (or Capple), mother. Signed with 'X'.     ScotlandsPeople say Caffle.

21 March 1862

James McMiken death 1862 March 21st - High Creoch, Girthon - aged 79, widower of Mary Bell - father John McMiken, farmer, deceased - mother Margaret McMiken ms McMikan (or McMillan?), deceased. Witness Robert J. McMiken, son.

23 March 1862

Janet Haining or Bell death 1862  March 23rd - Fleet Street, Anwoth - 75 years, single, pauper - father unknown - mother Janet Haining, domestic servant. Witness William Stark, Inspector of the Poor.

23 March 1862

Janet Haining or Bell, Fleet Street, Gatehouse, descendant of Bells of Whiteside, Parish of Anwoth, one of whom fell under the ruthless hand of Claverhouse. Died 23rd ult., aged 75. {D & G S 24th April 1862}

25 March 1862

William Beattie death 1862 March 25th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 11 months - father James Beattie, master clog & shoemaker - mother Mary Beattie ms Wilson. Witness John Beattie, brother.

24 April 1862

Thomas Credie death 1862 April 24th - Killygowan, Anwoth - aged 61, single, nurseryman journeyman - father James Credie, master nurseryman, deceased - mother Margaret Credie ms Rhonaldson. Cause of death - Suicide while in a state if insanity. Witness Alexr McClellan, High Street, Gatehouse.

29 March 1863

Boyle - At Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 29th ult., Mr Thomas Boyle, jeweller, in the 32nd year of his age. {WFP May 1844}

06 June 1863

Thomas Sproat death 1863 June 6th - Rainton, Girthon - aged 66, single, farmer - father Hugh Sproat, farmer, deceased - mother Mary Sproat ms Corrie, deceased. Witness John Sproat, nephew.

10 June 1863

Mary Clement death 1863 June 10th - Gatehouse of Fleet, Girthon - aged 4 months 27 days - father David Clement, house carpenter - mother Mary Clement ms Bailliff. Witness James Bailliff, grandfather.

19 August 1863

Mary Cavers or Grierson death 1863 Aug. 19th - Gatehouse of Fleet, Girthon - aged 80 years, married to William Cavers, labourer - father William Grierson, soldier, deceased - mother Esther Grierson, ms Bell, deceased. Witness Maisy Cavers, daughter.

10 January 1864

Stewart - At Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 10th instant, Alexander Stewart, gardener aged 83 years.   {WFP Jan. 1864}

15 January 1864

Harper - At Bank Street, Gatehouse, on the 15th instant, W.... Robert Harper or M'Minn, aged 82 years.   {WFP Jan. 1864}

09 May 1864

Christian Edgar (female) death 1864 May 9th - Gatehouse of Fleet, Girthon - aged 76, married to William McClure - father William McNish, farmer, Lag, deceased - mother Mary McNish ms Menzies, deceased. Witness Elizabeth Spearing ?, granddaughter.

21 May 1864

Samuel Henry death 1864 05 21 - Lagg, Girthon - aged 78, farmer, married to Mary Corson - father James Henry, farmer, deceased - mother Mary Henry ms McConchie, deceased. Witness Sam Henry, son.

24 May 1864

Samuel Edgar death 1864 May 24th - Gatehouse of Fleet, Girthon - aged 71, agricultural servant, married to Agnes Copland - father William Edgar, farmer, Camp Douglas, deceased - mother Sarah Edgar ms McCartney, deceased. Witness Thomas Edgar, son, Coplandhall, near Dumfries.

15 November 1866

Mary Faed or Fead 1866 Nov. 15th - Fleet-bank, Anwoth - aged 76, widow of James Faed or Fead, miller and engineer - father John McGeoch, wood merchant, deceased - mother Jane McGeoch ms McDowell, deceased. Witness John Faed, son 38 St. John's Wood park, London.

29 November 1866

Isaac Hopkins death 1866 Nov. 29th - between 4h & 5h. p.m. on board the schooner Gilbert & Sarah of Ulverston in the River Fleet, Parish of Anwoth - aged 18. No parents given. Died of apoplexy. Registered on the information of Will. Milroy, Procurator Fiscal.

18 December 1866

John Stirling death 1866 Dec. 18th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 75, widow of Jean Murray, pauper formerly agricultural labourer - father Hugh Stirling, agricultural labourer, deceased - mother Jean Stirling ms Neil, deceased. Witness Robert Hume, Inspector of the Poor.

18 January 1867

William Millar death - 1867  January - illegitimate, married to Margaret Wilson - at Gatehouse - age 55 - father John Millar, shoemaker, deceased - mother Euphemia Carlisle, domestic servant, deceased - cause heart disease - Informant Thomas J. McMillan, half brother, Gatehouse of Fleet.

10 February 1867

Helen Murray death 1867 Feb. 10th ? - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 65, pauper - father James Murray, agricultural labourer, deceased - mother Janet Murray ms Gill ?, deceased. Witness William Murray,  ??, Fleet Street.

01 March 1867

Janet Watt death 1867 March 1st - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 76, single - father - Andrew Watt, farmer & flax manufacturer, deceased - mother Margaret Watt, ms McBurnie. Witness Margaret B??, 115 Elizabeth ??, rest of address illegible.

25 March 1867

Agnes McHaffie death 1867 March 25th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 64, married to John McHaffie, retired grocer - father William G..?, agricultural labourer, deceased  - mother Marion G...? ms ''Cut..ris'', deceased. Witness John McHaffie, widower.

14 April 1867

Broadfoot - At Laurel Bank, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the morning of Sabbath the 14th inst., awfully sudden, of heart disease, Captain John Broadfoot, in the 58th year of his age, - formerly of Liverpool and Manchester, but a native of Gatehouse-of-Fleet.   {WFP April 1867}

03 June 1869

Jane Wilson death - married to Robert Wilson, retired farmer - died 1869 June 3rd - Boatgreen, Anwoth - aged 66 years - father Robert McWhae, land steward, deceased - mother Jane McWhae ms McHarg, deceased.     [SRO]

04 June 1869

McCarmich - At Pulcree, near Gatehouse, on the 4th inst., Jessie third daughter of Mr A. M'Carmich, Pulcree, aged 27 months.   {WFP June 1869 }

06 June 1869

Mary Donelly death - married to James Donelly, farm servant - died 1869 June 6th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 83 years  - father Hugh Cullens, agricultural labourer, deceased - mother Mary Cullens, ms Lochran, deceased.     [SRO]

25 June 1869

Alexander McClellan death - 1869 June 25th - Clachan of Anwoth - aged 12 years - father Samuel McClellan, gamekeeper, deceased  - mother Mary McClellan ms McGill.     [SRO]

15 September 1869

Jane McKeith death 1869 Sept. 15th - Cross Street, Gatehouse - aged 10 days - father John McKeith, carter - mother Margaret McKeith ms Bayne, Witness John McKeith, father.

29 September 1869

Mary Askew death 1869 Sept 29th - Drumwall, Girthon - aged 20, married to James Askew, stone cutter - father Stewart Heughan, joiner - mother no name given. Witness Francis Hughan, uncle.

16 November 1869

Grace Douglas death 1869 Nov. 16th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 75, single, upholsterer - father ? Douglas, tailor - mother unknown. Witness Henry Douglas, nephew, Bolton le  Moors.

09 February 1870

Elizabeth Houston death - married to Samuel Houston, carter - died 1870 February 9th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 82 years - father Alexander Jamieson, farmer, deceased - mother Janet Jamieson ms McLellan, deceased.  Witness Alexr. Houston, son.    [SRO]

16 February 1870

Margaret Corrie death 1870 Feb. 16th - Hill Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 64 years, single - father James Corrie, farmer - mother Margaret Corrie ms Affleck. Witness Marianne Beattie, neice.

10 March 1870

Grace Credie death 1870 March 10th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 71, widow of David Credie, nurseryman - father James Affleck, farmer - mother Margaret Affleck ms Graham. Witness Henry Credie, son, Kirkcudbright.

23 March 1870

Agnes Fowler death 1870 March 23rd - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 70, widow of Thomas Fowler, Gatehouse - father Samuel Murphy, draper - mother Janet Murphy ms Robertson. Witness Thos. Fowler, son. Uddingston.

14 August 1870

Anna Hunter death 1870 Aug. 14th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 54, single - father James Hunter, baker, deceased - mother Margaret Hunter ms Mactier. Witness John Hunter, brother.

15 August 1870

Grace McMiken death 1870 Aug. 15th - Upper Drumwall, Girthon - aged 85, widow of William McMiken, farmer - father ? Houston, farmer, deceased - mother ? McMillan ms Houston, deceased. Witness Grace McMiken, daughter. Signed with 'X'

14 January 1871

Story - At 60 High Street, on the 14th inst., Mary Jones, aged 70 years, relict of Mr William Story. ?????   {WFP Jan. 1871}

20 August 1871

John Cairns death 1871 Aug. 20th - Back Street, Gatehouse - aged 40, builder married to Mary Fergusson - father John Cairns, builder, deceased - mother Jean Cairns ms McGaw, deceased. Witness H. (?) Cairns, brother.

29 September 1872

Jane Murray death 1872 Sept. 29th - Boatgreen, Anwoth - aged 86, widow of Samuel Murray, agricultural labourer - father Henry Welsh, carrier, deceased - mother Janet Welsh ms Downie, deceased. Witness Alex. Murray, son.

03 October 1872

Elizabeth Kelly death 1872 Oct. 3rd - Upper Rusko Cottage, Anwoth - aged 28, married to William Kelly, railway porter - father David Hope, shepherd, deceased - mother Grace Hope ms Good, deceased. Witness William Kelly, widower.

19 November 1872

William Douglas death 1872 Nov. 19th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 72, grocer, married 1st Elizabeth Grierson ? , 2nd Annie Affleck - father William Douglas, farmer, deceased - mother Janet Douglas ms Watt, deceased. Witness Anna M. Douglas.

27 March 1873

James Carney death - 1873 March 27th - Burnside Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 74 years - saw mill worker, married to Jane Nickson - father John Carney, gardener, deceased - mother Mary Carney ms Nicolson, deceased.     [SRO]

12 October 1875

William Dunbar death - 1875 Oct. 12th - Birtwhisle Street, Gatehouse - aged 81 years - pauper - widower -formerly a mason's labourer - father John Dunbar, farmer deceased - mother Sarah Dunbar ms McGuffie, deceased. Witness David Dunbar, son     [SRO]

14 October 1875

Eliza Peters death - 1875 Oct. 14th - Cross Street, Gatehouse - aged 50 years - washerwoman, single - father Thomas Peters, horse breaker, deceased - mother Eliza Peters ms Montgomery, deceased.  Witness -  Mary Peters, niece.     [SRO]

15 October 1875

James Donelly death - 1875 Oct. 15th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 89 years - pauper - widower - formerly an agricultural labourer - father James Donelly, millwright, deceased - mother Isabelle Donnelly ms Carnachan, deceased. Witness - John Swine, grandson.     [SRO]

19 March 1876

Muir - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., Mary Muir, aged 89 years   {{WFP March 1876}

16 June 1876

Ann Carney death - 1876 June 16th - Burnside Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 40 years - married to James Carney, joiner - father & mother unknown. Witness Agnes Carney, sister in law.     [SRO]

12 December 1877

Lindsay - At Ravenshall, parish of Kirkmabreck, on the 12 inst., J(ames) Lindsay, aged 58 years.   {WFP Dec. 1877}

13 March 1878

Samuel Houston death - carter, widower of Elizabeth Jamieson - died 1878 March 13th - Back Street, Gatehouse - aged 82 years - father David Houston, labourer, deceased - mother Agnes Houston ms Wallace, deceased. Witness Helen Houston, daughter.    [SRO]

23 March 1878

Manson - At Neilson Square, Gatehouse on the 23rd ult., Ann Manson, advanced in years.   {WFP April 1878}

24 February 1879

Keenan - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse, on the 24th ult., James Keenan, aged 77 years.   {WFP Feb. 1879}

17 May 1879

John Atkinson death 1879 May 17th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 70, hooper, married to Janet Stewart. No parents' names given. Witness Janet Atkinson, widow.

24 May 1879

Alexander Whan death 1879 May 24th - Flilarg - aged 56, retired farmer, widower of Janet Walker - father David Whan, labourer, deceased - mother Jane Whan ms Bell, deceased. Witness William Corson, son in law.

12 June 1879

Jane Porter death 1879 June 12th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 53, single, baker - father Thomas Porter, carrier, deceased - mother Janet Porter ms Henry, deceased. Witness Janet Porter, sister.

10 November 1880

Grace McMiken death 1880 Nov. 10th - Neilson Square, Gatehouse - aged 67, single, pauper, formerly a farmer's daughter - father William McMiken, farmer, deceased - mother Grace McMiken ms Houston, deceased. Witness John Hunter, Inspector of the Poor, Parish of Girthon.

14 November 1880

Nicholas (female) Hume death 1880 Nov. 14th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 66, married to James Hume, jouneyman mason - father John McGhie, deceased - mother Janet McGhie ms Sword ?. Witness James Hume, husband.

14 November 1880

Agnes Hope Brown death 1880 Nov. 14th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 4½ months - father William Brown, commercial traveller - mother Anne J..tina Brown ms Paterson. Witness Anne J. Brown, mother.

28 December 1882

Campbell - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse-of-Feet, on the 28th ult., John Campbell, aged 70 years.   {WFP Jan. 1883}

28 July 1883

Manson - At the Townsville Hospital, Queensland, on the 28th July, Robert Manson, sixth son of the late William Manson, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, aged 33 years.   {WFP Aug. 1833}

09 January 1884

Dickson - At Whiteside, Anwoth, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 9th inst. James Dickson, farmer, aged 61 years.   {WFP Jan 1844}

14 March 1884

John Sayers death - 1884 March 14th - Back Street, Gatehouse - aged 56 years - pauper, single - father John Sayers, weaver, deceased - mother Catherine Sayers ms Cairns(?), deceased. Witness Robert Sayers, brother.     [SRO]

15 March 1884

Isabella Welch death - 1884 March 15th - Birtwhistle Street, Gatehouse - aged 70 (?) years - father ? Menzies, labourer, deceased - mother Janet Menzies ms Clanachan (?), deceased. Witness possibly ? Nichol, grand-daughter.     [SRO]

26 April 1884

Frances Hewitson (Female) death 1884, April 26th - River Fleet, Gatehouse - aged 2 years 7 months - father John Hewitson, wood cutter - mother Jane Hewitson ms Brian. Cause: accidental drowning.     [SRO]

24 June 1884

James Petrie death - 1884 June 24th - journeyman baker, single - at High Street, Gatehouse - age 21 - father Andrew Petrie, master baker,  mother Agnes Petrie ms Garvie, deceased - cause phthisis, 1 year- Informant Andrew Petrie, father.

29 July 1884

Ann Campbell death - 1884 July 29th, housekeeper, single - at Victoria St, Gatehouse - age 82 - father John Campbell, farm servant, deceased, mother Janet Campbell ms Guthrie, deceased - cause old age  - Informant James McGill, nephew

11 August 1884

James Bailiff death -1884 August 11th - wood forester, widower of Mary Muir - at Neilson Square, Gatehouse - age 81 - father James Bailiff, farmer, deceased, mother Martha Bailiff, ms Dunsmore, deceased - cause old age - Informant John Bailiff, son.

15 July 1885

William Thomas Henry death - 1885 July 15th, Rosedale, Collin, Torthorwald, Dumfriesshire - aged 89 years, retired farmer, single - father Samuel Henry, farmer, deceased - mother Helen Symington Henry ms McMiken, deceased. Witness R. Henry, nephew, Parkhead, Stoop, Dumfries

19 August 1885

Annie Douglas death 1885 Aug. 19th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 69, widow of William Douglas, grocer - father Archibald Affleck, farmer, deceased - mother Mary Affleck ms McCreath, deceased. Witness Anna M. Douglas, daughter.

25 September 1885

Alexander Milroy death 1885 Sept. 25th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 2 years - father James Milroy, stonebreaker - mother Jessie Milroy ms Straiton. Witness James Milroy, father. Signed with 'X'

03 October 1885

Maryanne Milroy death 1885 Oct. 3rd - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 1 year - father James Milroy, stonebreaker - mother Jessie Milroy ms Straiton. Witness James Milroy, father. Signed with 'X'

24 January 1887

William S. Stratt (sic) death 1887 Jan. 24th - Cally House - aged 65, single, butler - no parents given. Witness Edward Forester, valet, Cally House.

20 February 1887

Annie Crawford or McClellan death 1887 Feb. 20th - Birtwhistle Street, Gatehouse - 3 weeks old - no father given - mother Jane Campbell or McClellan, cook. Witness mother Jane Crawford.

23 February 1887

Mary Henry death - Lagg - aged 83 , widow of Samuel Henry, farmer - father Robert Corson, slater, deceased - mother Annie Corson ms Robertson, deceased. Witness Sam Henry, son.

01 August 1887

Stott - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 1st inst., John Stott, burgh officer, aged 74 years.   {WFP Aug. 1887}

03 September 1887

Diana Stott death 1887 Sept. 3rd - Birtwhistle St. Gatehouse - aged 89, single, pauper - father John Stott, gardener, deceased - mother Ruth Stott ms McBride, deceased. Witness John Stott, nephew.

17 September 1887

Francis Carey death 1897 Sept. 17th - a field on farm of Enrick - aged 68, married (no wife's name given), Lieutenant General - father Peter Carey, General, deceased - mother Julia Carey ms Hewitt, deceased. Witness William J. Hewitt, son in law. Result of Precognition (statement of evidence) dated  Sept 22 1887.     William James Hewitt married Evelyn Francis Carey, daughter of Francis & Ellen Carey in 1887 (

20 October 1887

James McTaggart death 1887 Oct. 20th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 79, shoemaker, widower of 1st Isabella Cruikshanks, 2nd Grace Linton, - father John McTaggart, cotton weaver, deceased - mother Elizabeth McTaggart ms Boddan, deceased. Witness James McTaggart, son.

07 April 1889

Biggam - At Catherine Street, Gatehouse - of Fleet, on the 7th inst., John Biggam, tailor, aged 52 years. {WFP April 1889}

29 March 1891

Davidson - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 29th ult., Janet Davidson, aged 72 years.   {WFP April 1891}

30 March 1891

Rogers - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 30th ult. Peter Rogers, shoemaker, advanced in years.   {WFP April 1891}

12 April 1891

Nimmo - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse - of - Fleet, on the 12th inst. Jane Connel, wife of Peter Nimmo, aged 82 years.   {WFP April 1891}

18 December 1891

Dryburgh - At High Street, Gatehouse-of Fleet, on the 18th inst. Miss Mary Dryburgh, aged 67 years   {WFP Dec 1891}

06 July 1892

John Irving death - 1892 July 6th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 72 years - labourer, married to Janet Donnelly - father Robert irving, weaver, deceased - mother Margaret Irving ms Muir, deceased. Witness James Palmer, son in law.     [SRO]

07 July 1895

William McMiken death 1895 July 7th - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 78, single, retired farmer - father James McMiken, farmer, deceased - mother Mary McMiken ms Bell, deceased. Witness Sam Henry, nephew. Lagg, Gatehouse.

09 July 1895

George McGee death 1895 07 09 - Catherine Street, Gatehouse - aged 4 months - father Michael McGee, bobbin turner - mother Annie McGee ms Hadris. Witness Michael McGee, father. Signed with 'X'

21 July 1895

Robert Sayers death 1896 July 21st - Catherine Street - aged 78, pauper, formerly a gardener - father John Sayers, church officer, deceased - mother Catherine Sayers. Witness Helen Sayers, sister. Signed with 'X'

17 February 1896

Mary Robinson death 1896 Feb. 17th - Lagg, Girthon - aged 74 years, widow of William Robinson, miner - father unknown, mother Mary Corson, housekeeper. Witness Sam Henry, brother.

08 March 1896

William McCourty death 1896 March 8th - Clachan (of Girthon) - aged 79, farmer, married to Agnes Hughan - father Robert McCourty, farm manager, deceased - mother Helen McCourty ms McDowall, deceased. Witness Robert McCourty, son.

16 March 1896

Samuel Smith Henry death - 1896 March 16th - retired travelling draper, married to Margaret Houston - at Bridge Terrace, Anwoth - age 61 - father William Henry, farmer, deceased, mother Rachel Henry ms Clanachan, deceased - cause disease of heart - Informant Alexr Henry, brother, Twynholm.

07 April 1896

John Henry death 1896 April 7th - Catherine Street - aged 31 years, single, draper - father James Henry, joiner - mother Jane Henry ms Harper. Witness Robert Henry, brother.

07 May 1896

Penelope Elizabeth McCulloch death - 1896 May 7th - landed proprietrix, single - at Kirkclaugh, Anwoth - age 70 - father James Murray McCulloch, landed proprietor, deceased, mother Christian McCulloch ms Robison, deceased - cause senile gangrene - Informant  R S Glover, law agent of deceased.

16 June 1896

Mary Martin death - 1896 June 16th - widow of James Martin, agricultural labourer - at Bridge Terrace, Anwoth - age 88 - father Alexander Davidson, millwright, deceased, mother Agnes Davidson, ms Maxwell, deceased, - cause gastritis - Informant Eliza Martin, Fleet Street, daughter.

05 September 1896

Jane Carney death - 1896 Sept. 5th - Burnside Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 89 years, widow James Carney, saw mill worker- father Andrew Nickson, deceased - mother Jane Nickson ms Leitch, deceased. Witness Elizabeth Carney, daughter.     [SRO]

18 March 1897

Emma Lancaster death - 1897 March 18th - Bardriston, Anwoth - aged 60 years - domestic servant, single - father Edward ? Lancaster, occupation unknown - mother Lydia Lancaster ms Onions. Witness Archibald [Hannah] occupier.     [SRO]

26 May 1897

James Hewitson death - 1897 May 26th - Fleet Street, Anwoth - aged 18 years - wood cutter, single - father John Hewitson, wood cutter - mother Jane Hewitson ms Brian.     [SRO]

23 June 1897

Sarah McCourtie death - 1897 June 23rd - Anwoth Cottage Hospital - aged 28 years, widow of James McCourtie, gas worker - father David Duncan, journeyman baker, deceased - mother Helen McCall, unmarried. Witness - Georgina J. Fergusson, nurse at Anwoth Hospital.     [SRO]

04 May 1903

John Gibson, death - 1903 May 4th, High Street, Gatehouse - aged 66 years - postmaster, single - father Dixon Gibson, ostler, deceased - mother Mary Gibson ms Tait, deceased. Witness Alex'dr Reid, son in law.     [SRO]

05 June 1903

Mary Stewart Hutton death - 1903 June 5th - Boreland of Girthon - aged 63 years - wife of Alexander Hutton, cotman - father Charles Stewart, baker, deceased - mother Ellen Stewart ms Simpson, deceased.     [SRO]

18 June 1903

Sarah Phillips death - 1903 June 18th - Ann Street, Gatehouse - aged 55 years - married to William Phillips, teacher - father George Cross, farm grieve - mother Mary Ann Cross ms Blake.     [SRO]

18 October 1906

Agnes Carnie death - 1906 Oct 18th - Glenside, Gatehouse - aged 74 - father James Carnie, labourer, deceased - mother Jane Carnie ms Nixon, deceased. Witness Elizabeth Carnie, daughter.     [SRO]

19 March 1909

Susan Bell Walthew death 1909 May 19th - Ardmore, Gatehouse - aged 82, widow of John Walthew, cotton spinner - father James Faed, millwright, deceased - mother Mary Faed ms McGeoch, deceased. Witness Mark George Faed, nephew, 7 Barnton Terrace, Edinburgh.

09 May 1909

Samuel Kevan death 1909 May 14th - Birtwhistle Street, Gatehouse - aged 74, shepherd, married to Maggie Mills - father John Kevan, shepherd, deceased - mother Jane Kevan ms McCormick, deceased, Witness James Kevan, son.

27 May 1909

Catherine Kemp death 1909 May 27th - Brewery Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 63, single, housekeeper - father unknown - mother Janet Maxwell, deceased. Witness James Campbell, nephew.

03 January 1911

Peter Goudie death - 1911 January 3rd - carter, married to Jane McKean - at Garden Street, Gatehouse - age 69 - father John Goudie, farmer, deceased, mother Barthia Goudie, ms Blane, deceased - cause heart disease - Informant M A Goudie, grand-daughter, Kirkconnel.

11 January 1911

Janet Duncan death - 1911 January 11th - cook (domestic servant), single - at Killygowan, Anwoth, age 53 - father Thomas Duncan, farmer, deceased, mother Jane Duncan, ms Millar, deceased - cause influenza - Informant Thomas Duncan, brother.

28 March 1911

Janet McCulloch Cliff-McCulloch death - 1911 March 28th - proprietrix of estate, married to Edward Cliff-McCulloch - at Kirkclaugh, Anwoth - age 58 - father John Gordon Brown, landed proprietor, deceased, mother Janet Brown ms McCulloch, deceased - cause cerebral haemorrhage -  Informant E. Cliff-McCulloch, widower

15 April 1911

... Also wee Jamie, who died at Bush o'Bield, 15th April 1911, aged 1 year and 1 month, seventh son of Samuel Adamson.     KA 1923 04 20}

24 May 1911

Mary Ann Carney death - 1911 May 24th - Burnside Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 74 years, single - father James Carney, millwright, deceased - mother Jane Carney ms Nixon, deceased. Witness Helen Sutherland, sister.     [SRO]

08 October 1912

Agnes McCandlish death 1912 Oct. 8th - Girthon Kirk, Gatehouse - aged 102, widow of William McCandlish, labourer - parents' unknown. Witness James Johnstone, occupier.

12 October 1912

William Corson death 1912 Oct. 12th - Fleuchlarg, Gatehouse - aged 78, farmer, widower of Jane Whan - father John Corson, farmer, deceased - motherMargaret Corson ms Henry, deceased. Witness William Corson, son.

03 November 1912

James Glencorse death 1912 Nov. 3rd - High Street, Gatehouse - aged 53, shoemaker, married to Jane Kennedy - father James Glencorse, shoemaker, deceased - mother Margaret Glencorse ms Clark, deceased. Witness Robert Glencorse, brother.

25 March 1913

McQuarrie - In loving memory of our dear son, Fred McQuarrie, who died at Dumfries Infirmary on 25th March 1913, aged 9 years. Inserted by father, mother, sisters and brothers.      {KA 1916 03 24}

26 June 1913

Kinnel - In loving memory of our dear son Patrick Kinnel, who died at Low Auchenlarie, Gatehouse, on 26th June 1913. Inserted by his father, mother, brothers and sisters.     {KA 1916 06 30}.

09 November 1914

McAulay - In loving memory of our dear brother, Private William McAuey, 2nd Life Guards, who fell in action at Ypres on 9th Nov., 1914. Inserted by his brother and sister, Castle Douglas.     {KA 1915 11 19}

07 February 1915

McCraith - In loving remembrance of John M'Craith, coachman, Ravenshall, Creetown, who died in the Royal Infirmary, Dumfries, 7th February, 1915, aged 58 years. Inserted by his wife and only child, Private John William M'Craith, on active service.    {KA 1916 02 11}

05 March 1915

Faed - Lost on board H.M.S.'' Goliath'' in Dardanelles, James Ronald Herdman Faed, Midshipman, aged 15, elder son of James Faed, Abbey Road, London, and The Bungalow, New Galloway.     {KA 1915 05 21}

14 May 1915

Whannell - Mrs Whannell and children wish to thank all friends for their kind expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Catherine Street, Gatehouse of Fleet.

20 June 1915

Maginnis - In loving memory of our dear mother, Frances Maginnis, who died at Catherine Street, Gatehouse, 20th June 1915.   {KA 1916 06 16} Note different date from other Memoriam

27 June 1915

Maginnis - In loving memory of our dear mother Frances Forbes, beloved wife of John Maginnis, who died at 4 Catherine Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, Kirkcudbrightshire, on 27th June, 1915. Inserted by Mr and Mrs Henry Maginnis, 101 King Street, Tradeston, Glasgow.    {KA 1916 06 30}

09 July 1915

McSkimming - Killed in action, Private Roddan McSkimming. 1/5th K.O.S.B., beloved son of Wm. and Jessie McSkimming, Auchenhay Lodge, Twynholm.   {KA 1915 07 23}

12 July 1915

Porter - On 12th July 1915, killed in action at the Dardanelles, John Porter, 1/5th K.O.S.B., postman at Gatehouse of Fleet.     {KA 1916 04 28}

13 August 1915

Maxwell - In ever loving memory of William Francis John Maxwell, Lieut., 1/5th K.O.S.B., only and beloved son of Sir William F, Maxwell, Bart., and Lady Maxwell, who was killed in action in Gallipoli while commanding a successful bombing party, which took and held a trench from the Turks.     {KA 1916 08 18}

13 August 1915

Maxwell - On the 13th instant, killed in action at the Dardanelles, William Francis John Maxwell, Lieutenant, 5th K.O.S.B., aged 30, only and beloved son of Sir William Maxwell of Cardoness, Bart., and Lady Maxwell.     {KA 1915 08 27}

17 August 1915

Sharp - In loving memory of my dear wife, Elizabeth McNaught Caven, who died at Gatehouse of Fleet, 17th August 1915. Inserted by her loving husband.    {KA 1916 08 18}

26 September 1915

Craik - In loving memory of our dear son, 13469 Private James Craik, R.S.F., killed by a sniper at Loos, September 26, 1915, aged 22 years. To memory dear. Inserted by his father and mother.     {KA 1916 09 29}

13 October 1915

Nelson - In ever loving remembrance of my dear sons William and Tom Nelson, who were both killed by the same enemy shell in France on 13th October 1915. Inserted by loving mother and brother Bessie and John Nelson, Neilson Square, Gatehouse of Fleet.     {Galloway News 12th October 1923}

14 November 1915

Hope - In loving memory of my dear mother, who died on 14th November, 1915, at Enrick Cottage, Gatehouse of Fleet. Inserted by her daughter Agnes.    {KA 1916 11 17}

27 November 1915

Keelan - In loving memory of my dear husband, Trooper William Keelan, 5th Australian Light Horse, who was accidently killed on 27th November 1915. Inserted by his widow.  {KA 1916 12 01}

29 December 1915

Clingan - In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Private Thomas Clingan, 1/5th K.O.S.B., killed in action in the Dardanelles on 29th December 1915. Inserted by his father and mother (New Abbey), and brothers John and William (in France) and his sisters.   {KA 1916 12 29}

03 January 1916

Airley - Killed in action in France on 3rd instant, Private Adam S. Airley, 2nd Canadian Contingent, aged 29 years, son of Mrs Wilson, Bombie, and grandson of Alex. Airley, Whinnieliggate.     {KA 1916 01 21}

19 March 1916

Farmer - Killed in action on Sunday 19th March, 1916, Cecil Farmer, private, Black Watch, aged 19 years, son of James Farmer, Woodfoot, Gatehouse of Fleet.    {KA 1916 03 31}

23 May 1916

Stewart - Lieut.-Col. Algernon Bingham Anstruther Stewart, D.S.O., killed in action May 23, commanding Seaforth Highlanders, elder son of the late Col. C.E. Stewart, C.B., and Mrs Stewart of Ornockenoch, Gatehouse, and 51 Redcliffe Square, South Kensington, beloved husband of Evelyn Stewart. Aged 46 years.    {KA 1916 06 02}

28 July 1916

Armstrong - Killed in action in France on 28th July, Sergeant James Matthew Armstrong, Royal Fusiliers (Sportsman's Battalion), youngest son of Mrs Armstrong, Mansfield, Kirkcudbright.    {KA 1916 08 11}

31 July 1916

Girvan - Killed in action in France on 31st July, Bomb. Andrew Girvan, R.G.A., aged 28 years, second son of Mr and Mrs Girvan, Letrualt Row, and grandson of the late Andrew Girvan, Borgue, and the late Samuel Clark, Rhonehouse.    {KA 1916 08 11}

01 October 1916

McDairmant - On the 1st October, killed in action, Private William McDairmant, aged 21 years, elder son of John McDairmant, Laggan-Mullin, parish of Anwoth, and grandson of the late William Scott, Kirkmuir, Creetown.     {KA 1916 12 01}

18 October 1916

Greenshields - In loving memory of our dear son, Private Tom Greenshields, Canadian Contingent, who died of wounds on 18th October 1916, aged 20 years. Inserted by his sorrowing mother and father.     {KA 1916 11 11}

07 December 1916

Johnstone - Killed in action on the 7th instant, Lance-Corpl., Robert H. Johnstone, K.O.S.B., aged 19 years, beloved youngest son of Wm. Johnstone, Cally Mains, Gatehouse of Fleet.     Acknowledgement: Mr and Mrs Johnstone and family desire to return their heartfelt thanks for kind expressions of sympathy received in their sad bereavement. Cally Mains, Gatehouse. {KA 1916 12 29}

05 December 1917

Elizabeth Armstrong death - Register of Corrections 1918 Jan 5th - Elizabeth Armstrong aged 71 years, single. Died between 7am and 2pm 1917 Dec 5th on Dunharberry Hill, Girthon (Murrayton Farm) (Usual address)- Orchars Farm, Girthon. Cause: exhaustion and exposure causing heart failure.  Death was registered by son in law James Gilchrist.     [SRO]

25 March 1918

In loving remembrance of Corporal Jack Patterson, Royal Scots, who was killed in action in France on 25th March 1918, aged 24 years. Inserted by his father, sisters and brothers, Catherine Street, Gatehouse of Fleet.    {KA 1923 03 23}

18 April 1918

In loving memory of Lance-Corporal Samuel Adamson, 1st Cameron Highlanders, second son of Samuel Adamson, who died on the 18th of April 1918, of wounds received same day - hit while bandaging a wounded comrade.   {KA 1923 04 20}

23 August 1918

McQuarrie - In loving memory of L.-Cpl. James McQuarrie, A, & S Highlanders, killed in action 23rd August 1918. Inserted by father, mother, sister and brothers. Twynholm.     {GN 1943 08 24}

30 October 1918

Bennett - In loving memory of our dear son Jim, who died in Dunfermline Hospital, 30th October 1918. Inserted by his father and mother, Mr and Mrs R. Bennett, Roseberry Terrace, Gatehouse. {Galloway News 26th October 1923}

20 February 1919

Margaret Bell death - 20th Feb. 1919 - Victoria Street, Gatehouse - aged 76 years, single - father William Bell, baker, deceased - mother Mary Bell ms Clacherty, deceased. Witness Jane[Danks], sister     [SRO]

21 February 1919

Charles McClure Dalrymple death - 21st Feb. 1919 - Nelson Square, Gatehouse - aged 77 years, gardener, married to Jane Kensitt - father Thomas Dalrymple, gardener, deceased - mother Janet Dalrymple ms McKinnell, deceased. Witness Robert Henry, son in law.     [SRO]

01 March 1919

Gilbert Clark death - 1st March 1919 - Rainton, Gatehouse - aged 92 years, dairyman, widower of Jane Young - father John Clark, farmer, deceased - mother Sarah Rankin Clark ms Miller, deceased.  Witness David Thomson, son in law.     [SRO]

18 June 1919

In loving memory of our darling wee Jim, who died at Fleet Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, on 18th June 1919, aged 2½ years. Inserted by his father and mother, Mr and Mrs Wilfred Davidson, Fleet Street, Gatehouse.    {KA 1923 06 22}

06 March 1920

John Wilson death - 1920 March 6th - Fleet Street, Gatehouse - aged 69 years - mariner, widower of Elspeth Parker - father William Wilson, deceased - mother Mary Wilson ms McKnight, deceased. Witness James Wilson, son.     [SRO]

17 June 1920

Marion Gillespie death - 1920 June 17th - Fleet Street, Gatehouse - aged 49 years - married to John Gillespie, shepherd - father William Martin, farmer, deceased - mother Mary Martin ms Duncan.     [SRO]

09 November 1920

William Phillips death - 1920 November 11th - Planetree, Gatehouse - aged 68 years - retired schoolmaster, widow of Sarah Phillips - father Charles Phillips, farmer, deceased - mother Anne Phillips ms Weston, deceased. Witness Mary Louisa Phillips, daughter.     [SRO]

01 June 1921

In loving memory of Maggie Patterson, eldest daughter of Robert Patterson, and wife of James Hogg, jun., Townhead, who died there on 1st June 1921, in her 31st year.  Inserted by her father, sisters and brothers. Catherine Street, Gatehouse.     {KA 1923 06 01}

12 May 1922

In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Edwin Dickinson, who died 12th May 1922.  Inserted by loving father, mother, brothers and sisters, Catherine Street, Gatehouse.      {KA 1923 05 11}

30 June 1922

In loving memory of our dear mother, Jane Moffat, who died on the 30th June 1922, also our dear father, who died on 29th December 1913. Inserted by their daughter and son in law, Gatehouse of Fleet Station.      {KA 1923 06 29}

30 June 1922

In loving memory of my dear mother, Jane Moffat, who died on the 30th June 1922, also my dear father, who died on 29th December 1913. Inserted by their daughter Anderina, West Culvennan, Kirkcowan.     {KA 1923 06 29}

30 August 1922

Cox - In ever loving memory of our mother Margaret Nichol Cox who died August 30th 1922.  {Galloway News  31st August 1923}

13 October 1922

Manson - In loving memory of my dear daughter Jessie, who died at Garden Street, [Gatehouse of Fleet], 13th October 1922. Inserted by her dear father, Garden Street, Gatehouse of Fleet and her loving sister and brother in law, Mr and Mrs Dickson, 7 Murray Place, Arbroath.    {Galloway News 12th October 1923}

13 October 1922

Manson - In loving memory of Jessie Manson, who died at Garden Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, 13th October 1922. Inserted by her chum Maggie Nichol, Fleet Bank, Gatehouse of Fleet.     {GN 1923 10 12}

09 December 1922

Girgan - In loving memory of James Girgan, who died 9th December 1922. Inserted by Mrs J. Fitzpatrick, Neilson Square, Gatehouse and Mrs R. Nichol, Wallaceburg, Ontario.     {GN 1923 12 07}

13 December 1922

McQuarrie - In loving memory of my dear Aunt Maggie (Mrs Lauchlan McQuarrie), who died at 4 Catherine Street, Gatehouse, on 13th December 1922, aged 77 years. Inserted by her loving niece, Janet McQuarrie, Knockbrex, Borgue.     {GN 1923 12 21}

28 December 1922

On 28th ultimo, at Stell, William and Alexander, triplet sons (one still born) of Mr and Mrs Lindsay, Gatehouse.      {KA 1923 01 05}

15 January 1923

On 15th January, in Balandra Bay, Trinidad, Philip Charteris Anstruther Stewart, of the Whitehall Petroleum Corporation, Fellow Geological Society &c. aged 48, younger son of the late Colonel Charles Edward Stewart, C.B., C.M.G., C.I.E., and Mrs C. E. Stewart, of 51 Redcliffe Square, London, S.W. and Ornockenoch, Kirkcudbrightshire.    {KA 1923 01 26}

21 January 1923

On the 21st instant, at Catherine Street, Gatehouse, Samuel McVennie, aged 77 years.    {KA 1923 01 26}

26 January 1923

On the 26th ultimo, at Upper Rusko Cottage, Gatehouse, Isabella Jardine, widow of Samuel Allison, Low Borgue.   {KA 1923 02 02}

29 January 1923

On the 29th ultimo, at High Creoch, Gatehouse, James McConchie, aged 82 years.     {KA 1923 02 16}

08 February 1923

On the 8th instant, at Clauchan of Girthon, Gatehouse of Fleet, Marion Walker, aged 66 years, wife of George McCormick.      {KA 1923 02 16}.     Funeral Sunday 11th instant at Gatehouse Cemetery.        {KA 1923 02 09}

08 February 1923

On the 8th instant, at Cross Cottage, Gatehouse, Janet McCulloch Sharp, aged 30 years.    {KA 1923 02 16}

09 February 1923

On the 9th instant, at Viaduct Cottage, Gatehouse of Fleet, John McSkimming, after a lingering illness, aged 67 years, beloved husband of Jessie G. McSkimming.     {KA 1923 02 23}

09 February 1923

On the 9th February, at Penkiln Terrace, Minnigaff, at the house of her sister (Mrs Irons), Mary Comline, eldest daughter of the late John and Jessie T. Comline, Gatehouse.   {KA 1923 02 16}

22 February 1923

On the 22nd ultimo, at 1 Grimshaw Street, Creetown, Isabella McCoskrie, aged 80 years, daughter of the late James McCoskrie, Mossyard, Gatehouse.    {KA 1923 03 02}.      Funeral of Isabella McCoskrie - will leave 1 Grimshaw Terrace, Creetown for Anwoth Cemetery, 24th curt.  {KA 1923 02 23}

28 February 1923

On the 28th ultimo, at Earlston, Borgue, Kirkcudbright, Lady Gordon, widow of Sir William Gordon Bart., of Earlston, and daughter of the late Sir William Maxwell Bart., of Cardoness, Funeral on Tuesday firsdt, at 2p.m., from Earlston to Borgue Churchyard.      {KA 1923 03 02}

28 February 1923

On the 28th ultimo, at Valparaiso, Thomas Sproat of Port Mary, Kirkcudbright, and Valparaiso. - by cable.   {KA 1923 03 09}

10 March 1923

On the 10th instant, at Ardmore, Gatehouse, Jane Payne, aged 85 years, widow of Henry Douglas Glover, solicitor and bank agent, Gatehouse.      {KA 1923 03 16}

26 March 1923

On the 26th March, at Emmett, Idaho, U.S.A., Robert Sproat, late of Lennox Plunton, Borgue, Kirkcudbright.   {KA 1923 04 20}

02 April 1923

On the 2nd instant, suddenly, at Gatehouse of Fleet, Maggie Green, aged 79.    {KA 1923 04 13}

30 April 1923

On the 30th April, at Coatham, Redcar, Yorkshire, Jane Nelson, beloved wife of the late Edwin Andrews, and eldest daughter of the late Alexander Nelson, Boreland of Girthon.   {KA 1923 05 04}

07 May 1923

On the 7th instant, at Boatgreen, Gatehouse, Peter Lamont, aged 86 years.    {KA 1923 05 11}

18 May 1923

Suddenly, on the 18th instant, at Thornlea, Auchinraith Road, Blantyre, Mary Ann Moreland, aged 65 years, widow of James Bryan, Gatehouse.    {KA 1923 05 25}

02 June 1923

On the 2nd instant, at Catherine Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, David Johnston, aged 66 years, beloved husband of Annie Mackay.    {KA 1923 06 15}

13 June 1923

On the 13th instant, at a nursing home in Edinburgh, Isabella, in her 21st year, beloved wife of Charles Thomson, 51 Northumberland Street, and youngest daughter of the late Alexander Hogg, Braefoot, and Mrs Hogg, Fleet Street, Gatehouse.    {KA 1923 06 22}

17 June 1923

On the 17th instant, at Catherine Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, William Bryan, aged 82 years.    {KA 1923 06 29}

04 July 1923

The funeral of John M'Quarrie will take place to Girthon Old Churchyard on Saturday 7th July. Meet at Syllodioch at 1.30 p.m.     {Galloway News  6th July 1923}

05 October 1923

Wilson - In loving memory of our dear sons who fell in the Great War. Adam on 3rd January 1916; Alexander on 10th September 1916; also Robert Alfred on 3rd October 1918. Inserted by father, mother, brother and sister. Overlaw, Rerrick.     {GN 1923 10 05}

17 March 1925

John Caig death 1925 March 17th - Brewery Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 68, game dealer, married to Jessie McLaren - father James Caig, dealer, deceased - mother Agnes Caig ms Duffy, deceased. Witness Jessie Caig, widow.

01 May 1925

William Crosbie death 1925 May 1st - Cally Mains, Gatehouse - aged 44. single, farm labourer - father Robert Crosbie, gardener - mother Eliza Crosbie ms McJanett, deceased. Witness Henry White, occupier.

20 June 1925

Samuel Henry death 1925 June 20th - Lagg, Gatehouse - aged 85, farmer, married to Ellen Symington McMiken  - father Samuel Henry, farmer, deceased - mother unknown, deceased. Witness Robert Henry, son, Barncrosh, Castle Douglas.

09 September 1925

Elizabeth Carney death -1925 Sept. 9th - Burnside Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 74 years, single, weaver - father James Carney, labourer, deceased - mother Jane Carney ms Nixon, deceased. Witness Jane Sutherland, niece.     [SRO]

16 January 1929

Alexander McQuarrie death - 1929 Jan. 16th - Girthon Kirk Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 50 years, dyker married to Janet Laird - father John McQuarrie, gamekeeper, deceased - mother Rebecca McQuarrie ms McSherry, deceased. Witness John McQuarrie, brother, 2 Hill Terrace, Twynholm.     [SRO]

22 January 1929

Charles Patterson death - 1929 Jan. 22nd - Boreland of Girthon - aged 6 weeks - father Donald C. Patterson, ploughman - mother Marion Donaldson ms Hood.     [SRO]

01 February 1929

Sarah Gibson death - 1929 Feb 1st - Garden Street, Gatehouse - aged 61 years - married to Hawthorn Gibson, labourer - father Robert Dorien, labourer, deceased - mother Sarah Dorien ms Jamieson, deceased. Witness Hawthorn Gibson, husband (signed X) (See) Register of Corrections 1929     [SRO]

03 February 1929

Margaret Jane McMurray - 1929 Feb. 2nd - Catherine Street, Gatehouse - aged 84 years, widow of James McMurray, retired postman - father Gilbert Anderson, gamekeeper, deceased - mother Mary Anderson ms Anderson, deceased. Witness John McMurray, son.     [SRO]

06 August 1929

Agnes Armstrong Preston death - 1929 Aug 6th - River Fleet - usual address 14 Garden Street, Gatehouse - aged 39 years - married to Edward Preston, labourer - father unknown - mother Margaret Mollance ms Robson - cause: drowning, suicide.     [SRO]

20 August 1929

David Kiltie death - 1929 Aug 20th - Mossyard Cottages, Gatehouse - aged 11 weeks - father David Kiltie, ploughman - mother Hannah Kiltie ms Muphie.     [SRO]

15 July 1937

James Hunter death - 1937 July 15th - Football Field, Gatehouse - usual address Drumaber, Gatehouse - aged 70, master joiner (retired), married to Elizabeth Nicol - father Samuel Hunter, joiner, deceased - mother Catherine Hunter ms McMillan (deceased). Cause: Heart disease & heart failure. Witness -  E. Hunter, widow, who was also the Assistant Registrar.     [SRO]

30 August 1937

Robina Muir death - 1937 Aug. 30th - Little Boreland, Gatehouse - aged 74, widow of John Muir, farmer - father James Hogg, dairyman, deceased - mother Robina Hogg ms Geddes, deceased. Cause: heart disease.     [SRO]

17 December 1937

Jemina Telfer death - 1937 Dec. 17th - Millmark, Gatehouse - 78 years, widow of Alexander Telfer, ploughman - father ? Kyle, roadman, deceased - mother unknown. Cause: uraemia (Kidney failure). Witness Peter Tait, son in law. (This could be Jemima Kyle born c.1857, Kirkcolm, Wigtownshire to Adam Kyle & Jane Milroy).     [SRO]

04 January 1942

Mary Elizabeth Rennie death - 1942 Jan. 4th - Torwood, Gatehouse - aged 60 years, married to William Rae Rennie, retired farmer - father William Halliday, gamekeeper, deceased - mother Elizabeth Halliday ms Dalziel, deceased. Witness John Halliday, brother, 43 High Street, Gatehouse.     [SRO]

16 January 1942

Kate Maud Petrie death - 1942 Jan. 16th - 21 High Street, Gatehouse - aged 65 years, married to Samuel McTaggart Petrie, retired baker - father Charles Wareham, gardener, deceased - mother Esther Wareham ms Millar, deceased.  Witness Betty K. Gray, daughter.     [SRO]

22 January 1942

Alison Gardiner Veitch death - 1942 Jan. 22nd - Low Creoch, Gatehouse - usual address Portville, Gatehouse - aged 76 years, married to David Young Veitch, retired farmer - father John Houston, miller, deceased - mother Alison Gardiner Houston ms Smith, deceased. Witness Thomas Veitch, son.     [SRO]

11 September 1942

Nellie McMath death - 1942 Sept. 11th - Cardoness Garage, Gatehouse - aged 57 years, married to David McMath, chauffeur - father Thomas Conchar, brewer, deceased - mother Mary Conchar ms Greggan, deceased. Witness Janet H. Conchar, sister.     [SRO]

23 September 1942

Jane Barr McDowall death - 1942 Sept 23rd - near Laggan farm, Gatehouse (usual address Harbour Street, Creetown) - aged 18, grocer's assistant, single - father David John McDowell, motor driver - mother Marion McDowall ms Barr. Cause: accidental death  result of motor accident. Witness Joseph Poole neighbour, Harbour St, Creetown. (See) Register of Corrected Entries 1942 Oct 6th.     [SRO]

19 July 1944

Elizabeth Gibson Hunter death - 1944 July 19th, Lanefoot, Gatehouse - usual address 35 Fleet Street, Gatehouse - aged 71 years, dressmaker, retired, single - father Samuel Hunter, joiner, deceased - mother Catherine Hunter ms McMillan, deceased. Witness A. J. Hunter, nephew, Drumaber, Gatehouse.     [SRO]

07 August 1944

Elizabeth Duguid Hunter death - 1944 August 7th - Drumaber, Gatehouse - aged 69 years, widow of James Hunter, joiner - father John Nicol, farmer, deceased - mother Mary Nicol ms Nicol, deceased. Witness A. J. Hunter, son.     [SRO]

19 August 1944

Mary Elizabeth Nicolson death - 1944 Aug. 19th - Braeside, Gatehouse - aged 75 years, widow of Allan McDonald Nicolson, chemist - father William Hunter, farmer, deceased - mother Jane Hunter ms Greenall, deceased. Witness James Flett, son in law.     [SRO]

03 September 1949

James Raphael death - 1942 Sept. 3rd - High Barlay, Gatehouse - aged 83 years, gamekeeper (retired), widower of Isabella Loan - father William Raphael, ploughman, deceased - mother Jane Raphael ms Domekin, deceased. Witness James Hogg, son in law.     [SRO]

13 January 1950

William Shaw death 1950 Jan. 13th - Ivy Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 77, gardener, married to Eliza Hyslop - father John Shaw, labourer, deceased - mother Jane Shaw ms Lockhart, deceased. Witness John Shaw, brother.

23 January 1950

Annie McKeand Kevan death 1950 Jan. 23rd -  17(?) Catherine Street, Gatehouse - aged 70 years, single, dressmaker, retired - father Samuel Kevan, farm manager, deceased - mother Margaret Kevan ms Miller (?), deceased. Witness Samuel Kevan, nephew.

17 February 1950

Janet Walker death 1950 Feb. 17th - 22 Fleet Street, Gatehouse - aged 93, widow of Roger Walker, wood merchant - father Andrew Rome, fisherman, deceased - mother Margaret Rome ms Irvine, deceased. Witness Jessie R. Walker, daughter.

12 May 1952

Wellwood McMurray death - 1952 May 12th - 28 Catherine Street - aged 68 years, watchmaker & ironmonger, retired, married to Elizabeth McClellan Henry - James McMurray, postman, deceased - mother Margaret Janet McMurray ms Anderson, deceased. Witness George McMurray, brother, Bengray, Gatehouse of Fleet     [SRO]

29 May 1952

Robert Little Tait death - 1952 May 29th - 26 High Street, Gatehouse - aged 94, master painter, retired, widower of Elizabeth Hannah James - father Thomas Birtwhistle Tait, house painter, deceased - mother Isabella Tait ms Stewart, deceased. Witness T. H. Tait, son.     [SRO]

03 August 1952

Guilio Frullani death - 1952 Aug. 3rd - Rutherford Cottage, Gatehouse - aged 69 years, retired confectioner, widower of Anatazia Lenzei - father Geremia Frullani, miner, deceased - mother Maria Frullani ms Tonarelli, deceased. Witness Wm. Frullani, son, 41 High Street, Gatehouse.     [SRO]

27 May 1956

James Montgomery Grieve death - 27th May 1956, Dumfries Infirmary - usual res. 12 Fleet Street, Gatehouse of Fleet -  aged 75 years, retired stone mason journeyman, married to Isabella Davidson - father James Grieve, tailor journeyman, deceased - mother Helen Grieve ms McKie, deceased. Witness W.J. Grieve, son, 5 Birtwhistle Street, Gatehouse of Fleet.     [SRO]

27 May 1963

Agnes Bertha Dalrymple death 1963 May 27th, Rosedale, Collin, Dumfriesshire -  aged 82, widow of Robert Henry, farm worker - father Charles Dalrymple, confectioner, deceased - mother Jane Dalrymple ms Kinsett, deceased. Witness R.J. Henry, son, Parkhead, Stoop, Dumfries

01 January 1969

Death of Mrs J. (Jean) Riddick, Riverbank.     [Mag.]

14 January 1969

Death of Mr Samuel Henry, late of Lagg.     [Mag.]

14 January 1969

Samuel Corson Henry death - 1969 Jan. 14th, Kirkcudbright Cottage Hospital - usual address Woodend, Gatehouse - aged 85, single, farmer, retired - father Samuel Henry, farmer, deceased - mother Helen Symington Henry ms McMiken, deceased. Witness R. Hewat, solicitor.

03 February 1969

Death of Mrs I. A. Murdoch, Ann Street.     [Mag.]

23 February 1969

Death of Mr Walter Muir, High Creoch.     [Mag.]

03 April 1969

Death of Mrs P. Jardine, High Street.     [Mag.]

06 April 1969

Death of Miss Mary Hope, Kirkcaldy.     [Mag.]

10 May 1969

Death of Mr Robert Johnstone, Barnboard, Balmaghie     [Mag.]

17 June 1969

Death of Mr John Shaw, Riverbank.     [Mag.]

27 July 1969

Death of Miss J. Ireland, late of Digby Street.     [Mag.]

03 September 1969

Death of Mrs F. Chalmers, Laurelbank.     [Mag.]

12 October 1969

Death of Mr William Walker, Kirkcudbright.     [Mag.]

20 November 1969

Death of Mr Charles Manson, Catherine Street. {Charles Manson died 20th April 1969. Husband of Janet}     [Mag.]

23 November 1969

Death of Miss W. Thomson, Fleet Street.     [Mag.]

08 December 1969

Death of Mrs. T. Gilmour, Boatgreen. {Jane McCrone, wife of Thomas Gilmour, Boatgreen, died 8th December 1969}     [Mag.]

06 January 1970

Death of John Matthews, Ravelston.     [Mag.]

25 February 1970

Death of Mrs Agnes McMurray, 38 High Street.     [Mag.]

09 March 1970

Death of John Carruthers, 22 Catherine Street.     [Mag.]

10 April 1970

Death of Mrs Janet L. Wilson, Hopedene.     [Mag.]

07 January 1971

Death of Miss Jessie Crosbie, 1 Ann Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

06 February 1971

Death:  Mr David Young Veitch, Leckie, High Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

06 February 1971

It was with deep regret we learned of the death of Mr. D. Y. Veitch, in Lochmaben Hospital on Saturday, 6th February.     Mr Veitch was a life long member and supporter of our congregation. He was ordained an elder in 1948. He represented the fourth generation of the family to hold this office. He carried out his duties with much acceptance until he was forced by ill health to give up active participation in the work of our church.  Of a very genial personality he will be greatly missed not only in the kirk but also in the community. Our deepest sympathy goes to Mrs Veitch and family. Also to his father, Mr T. Veitch, our senior elder and former Session Clerk.     [Mag.]

28 February 1971

Funeral of Mr John R. McLean, Barrhill Lodge. {Died 25th February 1971}     [Mag.]

26 March 1971

Funeral of Mrs Agnes Kirk, 11 Fleet Street.     [Mag.]

02 May 1971

Funeral of Miss Jessie Crosbie, Morva, High Street, Gatehouse.   {Jessie Crosbie died 29th April 1971}     [Mag.]

20 October 1971

Funeral of Mrs Agnes Gilmour, 12 Castramont Road, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

04 November 1971

Funeral of Mrs Georgina Kerr, mother of Mrs Finlay, Rainton.     [Mag.]

24 November 1971

Funeral of Mr Douglas Menzies, Elderslie, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

17 December 1971

Funeral of Mrs Violet Crosbie, 53 High Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

18 December 1971

Funeral  of Mr Edwin Farmer, Littleton Cottage, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

05 January 1972

Funeral of Mrs Jane Lockhart, 20 Birtwhistle Street.     [Mag.]

14 January 1972

Funeral of Mrs Edith Clelland, 67 High Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

02 February 1972

Funeral of Mrs Mary J. McMillan, 45 Riverbank, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

04 February 1972

Funeral of Mr John C. Cameron, 23 Riverbank, Gatehouse.    {John C. Cameron died 1st Feb. 1972}     [Mag.]

23 February 1972

Funeral of Mr Robert Walker, Salamanca Cottage, Gatehouse.  {Robert I Walker died 20th Feb. 1972}     [Mag.]

18 June 1972

Funeral of Mr Henry McNeilly (burial of ashes).     [Mag.]

24 July 1972

Funeral of Mr Peter Jardine, 25 High Street, Gatehouse.   {Died 19th July 1972}     [Mag.]

09 September 1972

Funeral of Mr John Prentice, Cally Mains. {Died 6th Sept. 1972}     [Mag.]

24 December 1972

Funeral of Mr William Gilchrist, 3 Victoria Street, Gatehouse.  {Died 21st Dec. 1972}     [Mag.]

27 March 1973

Death of Mrs M.H. Taylor, Late of Cally Gardens.     [Mag.]

11 May 1973

Funeral of Mr Adam Milligan, 12 Digby Street, Gatehouse.  {Died 8th May 1973}     [Mag.]

18 June 1973

Death of Mrs Shedden, Market Hill, Gatehouse. {Mrs Jessie Shedden died 18th June 1973}     [Mag.]

26 June 1973

Death of Mr Thomas Scott, late of 48 Catherine Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

02 July 1973

Death of Miss Mary Johnstone, Fleetview Cottage, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

28 July 1973

Death of Mr James Straiton, 4 Digby Street, Gatehouse.   {Died 28th July1973}     [Mag.]

14 August 1973

Death of Mr David Davies, father of Mrs Gloria Davidson.     [Mag.]

28 August 1974

Funeral of Mr Edward Gordon Hughes, But and Ben, Gatehouse. {Died 24th August 1974}     [Mag.]

21 October 1974

Funeral of Mrs Agnes Tait Johnstone, 10 Digby Street, Gatehouse.  Died 21st October 1974. (Same date given for both death and funeral)     [Mag.]

13 November 1974

Funeral of Mrs Sara McCrone, formerly 49 Riverbank. Died 10th November 1974.     [Mag.]

20 February 1975

Death of Mrs Beatrice Clark, Clauchan (of Girthon). {Died 17th February 1975}     [Mag.]

24 February 1975

Death(Funeral?) of Mr Robert Bennett, 6 Roseberry Terrace, Gatehouse.  {Died 21st February 1975}     [Mag.]

11 March 1975

Mrs Montgomery had been in failing health for some time and did not long survive her husband. She was an active body well thought of in Gatehouse and will be long remembered for her kindly ways.     [Mag.]

11 March 1975

Mr Arthur Hunter was a kenspeckle figure and we all missed him going about when illness confined him to his house. But his work remains in many a house in Gatehouse and around to remind us of him, not least in Girthon Church. (Girthon folk will remember too, that the twin lamps in the vestibule are in memory of his father). But we will remember him not just for his work but for himself.     [Mag.]

01 April 1975

Death (Funeral?) of Miss Alexa Hughan. {Died 28th March 1975}     [Mag.]

03 October 1975

Funeral of Mrs White. {Mrs May White, wife of Roy, died 30th September 1975}     [Mag.]

14 October 1975

Funeral of Mr Andrew Henderson (father of Gordon Henderson, Castle Cottage) {Died 10th October 1975}     [Mag.]

25 October 1975

Death of Rev. John Turnbull.     [Mag.]

25 October 1975

On the 25th October 1975 the congregation of Anwoth lost a minister who had for many years been a faithful pastor who dearly loved the people and parish of Anwoth.... He was a well read man both in classics and theology, and kept abreast with contemporary affairs. Several times he considered leaving to go elsewhere, but his love for his own parish won, and he died as he would have wanted, John Turnbull of Anwoth.     [Mag.]

08 November 1975

Funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Montgomery. (Burial of ashes)  { Mrs Montgomery, Elizabeth Murray Wallace died 16th October 1975}     [Mag.]

09 November 1975

Funeral of Miss Murchie.  {Elizabeth Muchie died 6th November 1975}     [Mag.]

18 November 1975

Funeral (Cremated) of Mr Arthur Hunter. {Died 14th November 1975, Dumfries}     [Mag.]

22 July 1976

Funeral of Mr Peter McCreadie, 31 Riverbank, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

03 August 1976

Funeral of Mrs Eliza Thomson, 47 Riverbank, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

10 August 1976

Funeral of Mr John Adams, Barlay Cottage, Gatehouse.     Obituary: John Adams was not only a fine organist but a loyal, helpful and delightful colleague. Loss of sight might have embittered him. Instead it enriched his life, and through him all the rest of us who knew him. {Died 7th August 1976}     [Mag.]

28 September 1976

Funeral of Mr John Kelly Burgess, Low Creoch Cottage.     [Mag.]

15 November 1976

Funeral of Mr John Robertson, Netherton, Borgue (formerly of Glen). {John Cruikshanks Robertson died 10th November 1976}. Farmer and elder of Anwoth Church.     [Mag.]

26 January 1977

Funeral of Mr Roger Armstrong, Barharrow. Farmer and elder of Girthon Church for 32 years.  {Robert L. Armstrong, Barharrow, died 16th Dec. 1976, aged 73. Buried at Borgue.}     [Mag.]

04 February 1977

Funeral of Mr John Robert Mowat Shaw, Goatend. { Mowat Shaw died 2nd February 1977, aged 86. Husband of Jessie Nichol}     [Mag.]

17 February 1977

Funeral of Mrs Mary Sproat, 22 High Street (formerly Laggan)     [Mag.]

18 February 1977

Funeral of Mr Alexander Watson, Flat H, Kirkdale House.     [Mag.]

03 March 1977

Funeral of Mrs Helen Wishart, 4 Bridge Terrace, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

10 March 1977

Funeral of Mrs Barton (mother of Mrs Flora Veitch)     [Mag.]

01 April 1977

Funeral of Miss Peggy Shaw, Riverbank, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

24 June 1977

Funeral of Mr Jasper Proudlock, Riverbank, Gatehouse. { Died 22nd June 1977, aged 66.}     [Mag.]

13 August 1977

Funeral of Mrs Margaret McIntyre, Flat 1, The Stables, Cardoness.     [Mag.]

29 June 1978

Funeral of Mrs Margaret Craig, wife of Donald Craig, 32 High Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

12 July 1978

Funeral of Mr Albert Hunter, son of Mr and Mrs Gordon Hunter, Newfield. Obituary: Albert was showing such great promise in the fire service, which he loved, and which was his vocation. { Albert Ernest Hunter died 8th July 1978, aged 21, as the result of an accident}     [Mag.]

04 January 1979

Funeral of Mr James Gilchrist, 7 Markethill, Terrace, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

05 January 1979

Funeral of Mrs Bessie Twiname, 14 Fleet Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

17 January 1979

Funeral of Miss Helen Grieve, 12 Fleet Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

02 February 1979

Funeral of Mrs Winnifred McMinn, formerly of Catherine Street, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

20 February 1979

Funeral of Miss Mary Johnstone.     Obituary: Miss Mary Johnstone, daughter of a former shoemaker in Gatehouse, one-time ship's stewardess, for many years in hospital at Newton Stewart.     [Mag.]

28 February 1979

Funeral of Mrs Agnes May Grierson. Obituary: Mrs Grierson, formerly of Auchenlarie, where her husband farmed.     [Mag.]

07 March 1979

Funeral of Mrs Nellie Shields, Cardoness Gate Lodge. Mrs Nellie Shields, mother of Mrs Sandy Miller and much loved mother, mother-in-law and granny.     [Mag.]

15 March 1979

Funeral of Mr Gordon Heron, 51 Catherine Street, Gatehouse. Obituary: Mr Gordon Heron, formerly of the Forestry, chauffeur to Mrs Murray Usher, much respected in the community, and friend to everyone.     [Mag.]

12 April 1979

Funeral of Mrs Margaret Bevis, formerly of 12 Digby Street. Obituary: Mrs Bevis, once in domestic service in London, who had known the world of upstairs-downstairs, and was one of the best instances I have ever met of old fashioned loyalty and contentiousness.     [Mag.]

18 April 1979

Funeral of Miss Ina Muir, Barrwhill. Obituary: Ina Muir, tall, spare, dry humour, a twinkle in her eye, and a real love of her church, how we will miss her.     [Mag.]

18 April 1979

Funeral of Mr James Cochran, Low Barlay. Obituary:  Mr James Cochrane, a 'special' policeman, who was rather special too, handsome and upright in his uniform or Highland dress, he'll be missed around the town.     [Mag.]

06 July 1979

Funeral of Mrs Peggy McCreath, Southerton, Gatehouse.     Obituary: She was a familiar sight, going up the High Street in her little Mini, always with a ready wave, Paddy beside her in his dignified way, or in and out of the shops, short-sleeved in the coldest weather. The life of a doctor's wife can be a confining one, and Peggy McCreath was not a great one for the social whirl or public events, but she made her mark on the community, as the quiet ones will, and it was not only for our much-loved doctor's sake that the kirk was full for her funeral.  {Margaret Fairlie Morton, wife of Kennedy McCreath died 3rd July 1979}     [Mag.]

20 July 1979

Funeral of Mr Peter McGlashan, Rutherford, Gatehouse.     Obituary: With the death of Mr Peter McGlashan the community lost a link with the ministry of his father, the Reverend Robert McGlashan, in the former Rutherford Church. Peter spent much of his life abroad, mainly with Shell, but including distinguished war service with the New Zealanders, finishing up with an O.B.E. and a mention in despatches. On returning to Gatehouse and to his father's former manse, he served on the Town Council and took a keen interest in the cricket club. {Robert Peter Reid McGlashan, husband of Irene Wedderburn, died 17th July 1979.}     [Mag.]

15 August 1979

Funeral of Norman Maxwell, beloved husband of Mrs Mary Maxwell, Riverside, Gatehouse.     [Mag.]

05 November 1979

Funeral of Agnes Heron, beloved wife of the late Gordon Heron, 53 Catherine Street, Gatehouse.     Obituary: Mrs Heron had long left her native Highlands, but never lost her Highland tongue, or the faith of her fathers. She loved Anwoth Church and cycled there on many a bitter winter Sunday when people younger and fitter did not make it. She and Gordon were a kenspeckle couple in the parish, and both will be greatly missed. Our deep sympathy goes to Morag and the family.     [Mag.]

08 November 1979

Funeral of John McCreath of Bardristane, beloved husband of Agnes McCreath.     Obituary: John McCreath had a disabling illness for four years and had not been in the best of health before that, but he was never one to moan or complain. he enjoyed his life and his neighbours and friends enjoyed his company and greatly respected him, and he will be sadly missed. Our deep sympathy goes to Mrs McCreath and to her sons and daughter. {John McCreath, husband of Nancy, died 5th November 1979}     [Mag.]

05 February 1981

Funeral of Duncan McLellan, 5 Riverbank, Gatehouse. {Died 2nd February 1981}     [Mag.]

27 March 1981

Funeral of Robert McCulloch, 64 Riverbank, Gatehouse. Obituary: Robert McCulloch, in the prime of his life, faced his disability and the uncertainty of his future with courage. He must have had his own thoughts, but to the world he showed a smiling face and his sunny disposition cheered up many a dull day for the rest of us. {Robert B. B. McCulloch died 25th March 1981, aged 41. Husband of Mary C. Tinlin.}     [Mag.]

02 October 2012

Death of Belle Cochrane, Fleet Valley, formerly 21 Riverbank. Funeral 9th October 2012, Gatehouse of Fleet Parish Church. Committal: Roucan Loch     [Mag.]

14 October 2012

Death of Ralph Pickthall, 2 Markethill, Gatehouse of Fleet. Funeral 22nd October 2012, Gatehouse of Fleet Parish Church. Committal: Anwoth Cemetery.     [Mag.]

15 October 2012

Death of Graham Carson, The Hermitage, Gatehouse of Fleet. Funeral: 23rd October 2012 Gatehouse of Fleet Parish Church. Committal: Anwoth Cemetery.     [Mag.]

15 October 2012

Death of Hugh Cannon, Haddington, sometime of Borgue. Funeral 30th October 2012, Borgue Kirk. Committal: Borgue Churchyard.     [Mag.]

28 October 2012

Death of George Creyke, Kenlum, Cally Drive, Gatehouse. Funeral: 7th November 2012, Gatehouse of Fleet Parish Church. Committal: Girthon Cemetery.     [Mag.]

15 November 2012

Death of Agnes (Nan) Maxwell, 6 Sunnybrae, Borgue. Funeral: 22nd November 2012 Borgue Kirk Committal: Borgue Churchyard.     [Mag.]

12 April 2013

Death: of Eileen Tempest, Fleet Valley, formerly 5 Riverbank. Committal: Roucan Loch. (Funeral date)     [Mag.]

30 April 2013

Death of John Cunningham, 64 High Street, Gatehouse of Fleet.   (Funeral date) Roucan Loch Crematorium.     [Mag.]

10 May 2013

Death of Alistair Henry, 3 Ramsay Wood, Gatehouse of Fleet. Committal: Anwoth Cemetery.   (Funeral date)     [Mag.]